Team G FFA Thread. Team G Members UNITE!

not so good game.

welcome to all team g members

man i hope i get to play j wong at west coast qualifiers…yo amir! practice at my house tomorrow night bring the new alpha anthology in case you get tired of cvs2 again :stuck_out_tongue:

kidkryptesthesia: man
kidkryptesthesia: the army wouldnt take him


cryptesthesia and i are willing to do 2v2 money matches vs anyone in T5DR if anyone would like to test.

hey amir, ken i, garrett, lets all goto pinks one of these days.

oh btw did i tell anyone i think i saw ken-eye at the beach on saturday?!? it blew my mind…i didnt say anything, he was with some chick so i didnt want to kill his game, its not like he was at pink’s or anything so i tried to avoid him…he was at the beach trying to mack! kicking the soccer ball or some shit.

anyway’s ken don’t try so hard…just take the betty to pink’s with us, its auto-ma-tic :stuck_out_tongue: btw i still have your anchorman dvd

AbsotIveLy JIVE (2:05:29 AM): the thought of him managing anything almost made me spit out this milk
kidkryptesthesia (2:05:53 AM): i just threw vitamin water at my monitor
kidkryptesthesia (2:06:03 AM): i was so pissed

well im about to go running now!

im back from running

team g members unite

who is going to west coast qualifiers?

over here

that guy is missing all over the place, he needs some gary coleman out in mcbean


Does the “G” in Team G stand for “Gentlemen” or “Gay?”

I ask because you may be infringing on a team I created years ago.


you are now a member of team g


technically it stands for gary-coleman

check out this classic right here

almost as good as people still saying “im the juggernaut, bitch”

people are gay.

why the hell would i look at a tekken forum? EVER

cause you and i are taking money matches for 2v2

oh yeah. i forgot. i’ll go become a mod, right now.

k i’m a mod. man i would have started playing tekken sooner if i knew they paid you to mod at tekken

whatever puts the food on the table, i says.