Team Fortress 2 - Heavy Update, New Maps, New Mode are all live now!

Team Fortress 2 - Spy and Sniper Update incoming May 21

For those that don’t know, Half-Life 2: The Orange Box is being released on Oct. 10 for PC and Xbox 360. It will include the following for $49.99 (PC) or $59.99 (Xbox 360):
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Team Fortress 2

As some of you know, those who pre-purchase the PC version of Half-Life 2: The Orange Box through Steam will be able to play the Team Fortress 2 Beta. Who’s getting in on this? I’ll be on there as chairhome… and I must use my obligatory disclaimer that I’m not very good at FPS’s… so have pity on me if you see me online! Let me know if you’re participating in the Beta!

Beta is up now, if you’re in, post up your name! If you plan on getting the Orange Box for PC, you might as well pre-purchase now. Its $45 and you will be able to join in on TF 2 right now!

SRK’s TF2 Group:

EDIT: You can now pre-purchase the Orange Box at Gamestop and get a key for the Beta. You also get the 10% off (works on the 360 version, too, but you don’t get a Beta key)

EDIT: 360 TF2 patched

EDIT: Details on Medic weapons and new gametype

EDIT (2/17) Scout update coming, with new bat.

I should’ve po’d just to play tf2, fuck!

I already had it paid for at retail before I knew about the beta :sad:

And it’s more like a MP demo, because the game is long finished. Dunno why they are calling it a beta :stuck_out_tongue:

sooo if you already have HL2 you can’t get in??

Yeah you’ll just be rebuying HL2 again. The Orange Box has HL2 in it already and yes they make you pay for it again but it’s also a great deal because Episode 2 alone is $30, with Portal and TF2 clocking in at $20 a piece (the Orange Box with the pre-order deal is $45).
Earlier this week I had a thread giving HL2 and Episode 1 to one lucky SRKer. However he can’t play it till the rest of the Orange Box is released.

I was kinda thinking the same thing about it being a ‘beta’ but whatever. Maybe they still have some kinks to iron out. I get to play it earlier too so I can understand it sooner and get marginally better at it. That’s why I could never get into Counter Strike. I stuck with muh TFC and HL DM.

EDIT: Yo Chair. The new Steam Community shit is up and I have zero friends naturally. Time to add you. My name is FurryCurry.

I’ll probably only get TF2…

I wonder if I can actually run tf2 on my shit pc.


Added you. I might not be able to play till sometime late tomorrow though. Got work in the morning, and I don’t think my download will be done for a while. Its at 30% and its fluctuating between 200 Bytes (yes, no K before that) and 7 kb/sec. :frowning:

Geez that sucks. I’m glad I got that shit done early. I wonder when it will actually start and yeah, I’ll be playing mostly at night. I too have work in the morning.

eh, I downloaded just maybe an hr ago and I was getting 250-400kb/s up and down.

I don’t want to be playing the same game I played 10 years ago. They better have switched it up hardcore.

What name are you using for stea VruS?

And they are changing things up. We’ll all find out tomorrow.

I already started a thread on this,
at least yours got some hits. I will start pre-loading it when I get home, will be on there as MiLky. Looking forward to TFC2, TFC was the only FPS I actually played alot and got good at.

Since you guys will be getting on before me, I’ll check back for updates.

Edit: Preloading now, added furrycurry and chairhome to my friends list. What the fuck happened to my friendlist anyway? I haven’t played on steam in a long time, but it is empty now.

Sorry, didn’t see the thread. Searched Team fortress, but didn’t find it.

Got your friend invite though, added. The beta isn’t live yet, so hopefully we can get some games going later this afternoon. I’m at work till 1700 EST.

Can’t wait for team fortress 2!

I’ve been playing fps games for a while. Love them as much as I love fighting games.

If anyone has xfire I’d be interested in adding you to my friends list. Just PM me.

No worries, just glad to see a thread getting going, that way we can get some playtime in.

5:00 am here, no beta yet, going to bed.

They told me a game I waited to play for 10+ years was playable on Monday. It might have been the most memorable beta of my life, for Valve… it was Tuesday.

yep. 11:30 est where the fuck is it.

4:10 EST where the fuck is it at?

The rumor I’ve heard is 6pm PST. :frowning: That would mean 9pm for me :frowning:

just pre-ordered it. Hopefully will finish pre-loading before the beta starts. Can’t wait! I’ll be on as Angrylobster if you guys wanna find me