Team Building help?

Hey everyone I am fairly new to not only UMVC3 but the series in a whole. If someone can give me the rundown on making an effective team i would very much appreciate it! Also can someone explain the roles of the characters in a team? I know a little bit, but not enough to pick assists or choose from all the characters. Right now I’m using Chun-li as my battery, Super skrull as my user, and the last is still undecided. Any help picking assists (and why) and who I should consider putting as my last character? Also, (sorry i know it’s a lot but i’m lost lol) can someone give me a list of the different types of characters (battery, user, point, anchor, etc.) and who falls into those categories? Any advice on my current team members would be great too! Thanks a lot!

Next time, ask this question on the Team Building thread.
Anyway, I would suggest that you use sentinel drones as your assist. They greatly benefit Chun’s mixup capabilities. Maybe you can also eventually save skrull as your anchor as well. I don’t really know too much about the synergy between Chun-Li and Skrull so I can’t really give advice as to if that is a viable combination.

See post #2, it’s right in the stickies on top of the board.