Team B selection

Well for all 15 Marvel players who actually care to read this, I’ve decided on how the Marvel team will be decided. Some people may not agree with the people chosen, but I’ve received input and paired with my own beliefs have come up with this list.

For the first spot I want both Genghis and Junior. However, only one person can get the spot, so I request that these two play it out, 3 out of 5. Winner automatically gets the first spot.

As for the second spot, I’ve decided to have a 8 man invitional for the spot.

The loser between Genghis and Junior will end up in this 8 man round robin tourney.

The players are:

Genghis or Junior: I’ve been a fan of this fools play style for a while. Very solid. Has lots of experience at high levels and has also travelled a bit. Junior is one of SoCal’s best kept secrets. This guy is constantly improving and is very hard to beat. He’s also placed well over the last year in most tourneys.

Julius Jackson: This guy is still sick. I’m confident that at high levels his knowledge of matchups paired with his ability to put any and everything in the infinite will definitely throw off all out of towners if he makes it onto the team.

Mike Ross: After his lackluster performance at MWC I shouldn’t be giving him this chance. But he’s been doing alright and if anything, that terrible, terrible finish should have just made him more hungrier. Practice Mike, practice.

Ace: This guy did relatively well at MWC. He’s beat me down in like 4 tournaments already. Constantly improving. This guy has something interestingly new everytime I see him play. He’ll be hard for out of towners to fight.

Amir: This guy has some of the sickest combos I’ve ever seen. He does pretty well in most tourneys and would do so much better if he would just (*Hint) finish a combo.

Mag: Was on the 5 on 5 team last year. Did really well. Hasn’t been playing in too many tourneys this year, but that doesn’t mean the guy still isn’t on his game.

Last two spots: I’ll reserve judgement for these spots to a later day. There are a lot of fools out there who are MIA, i.e. Shady, Clock, David L, SiN. If these guys kick it up then maybe I’ll add them. If Deus, Ytwojay, and others keep improving, then I’ll pick one of them.

As for the tourney to decide who wins. It’ll be an 8 man round robin tourney held somewhere with consoles. Maybe at Pomona on that registration Thursday if possible since all of Cali has to be there. Anyhow, I would like this to take place on console since evo’s on console.

Also if each of the invited would bring some kind of song that we could possibly use for intro music, that would be cool. Can’t think of any songs right now.

If one of the invited aren’t present for the tourney, then I’ll assume they could care less about the spot, and it’ll become a 7 man round robin or less.

I’ll probably post here again later with the date and time and all that shit.

this sounds good… thanks for giving me a chance on this :slight_smile:

Good stuff Peter. Way to take charge and lead this.

Someone Sticky this shit.

I have 1 suggestion putofiend u should put GLENDALE’S BITCH on ur team.:lol:

so is it only guna b 8 players? i wana get in on this. especially since im more solid on console(pad) than a stick. plus ive improved alot from way back in the day.


damn thats a good list its all the players in so cal that i was hoping would play off for the spot :slight_smile:

Thanks man, i appreciate your faith in me. Good luck to all those (except genghis) entering.

come back clockw0rk :slight_smile:

Phat Toi should be on the list :cool:

Glendale’s bitch should be on the team period:D :smiley:

There are going to be two more tournies in So Cal before Evo. I think peter and everyone else should use those (if he is going) to scout out the potentials for the last two spots.

I think that list is very fair. There are alot of good players in there, and looks like team B can hold its own :).

As for the invitational 8 round robin, how about making those 8 who were invited enter for free, then have other people pay if they want a shot. The pot could go to Denny’s or something later :). If you really want mike to succeed in the invitational 8 round robin, you will need to feed him his cheese fries…

this man is a genius

oh wait, except for the fact that if too many people want to buy their way in, there might not be enough time to finish…

i agree with you kai but the shit is they AINT CONSOLE. IMO there is a huge diffrence between them and by that i mean THE PAD:).


Can you mash out of HGxxTempest with a pad? If so, can you tell me your secret? :smiley:

On a side note, who’s on Team SoCal A?

what about me motherfuckers? ya boy RIP THE JACKER


Soo, Potter, and Chris Shin i think

I don’t mind letting you in at a later time granted you start placing better. I need to see if people are still improving vs. those who remain stagnant to see who goes on to the last two spots. If you keep doing your shit right, I’ll probably give it to you. Also I hear you’re good on the pad, but can you mash out of tempest on it? Unless the answer is yes than you are gonna be severly limited to any Mag player out there, and there are a few that are currently on the list.

sticky icky.

sorry mister Fiend for you know what. Im an idiot to which Im sure you agree =]

but team A gots team B’s back fa sho. people been talking alot of shit about Cali and thats a no-no.

thats really coo to see. Team A & Team B having each others back. I hope its for real. Good luck to both teams, and represent socal. :cool: