Teaching English in China/Japan/Korea


I’ve been working in the IT industry for 5 years now and I’m not getting anywhere. I was thinking of getting into webdesign/developing but the competition is fierce and it will take me another 5 years to make something of myself in that line of work.

Due to some personal issues with home life I’ve decided to try teaching English in a another country. I was wondering if anyone else had tried this? You can do the course in a 4 week intensive session or part time over 27 weeks. In the end you get a qualification that helps you get a job abroad as an English teacher to kids and high schoolers.

The courses can cost from £300 to £10000 pounds, the grand course is CELTA and apparently that?s the best one out there and overseas employers love it.

So here I am thinking about taking a year out of the UK to try something different. Have any of you guys done this or know people who have? What was it like? Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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In all seriousness, this is what you’re gonna work hard for when you get over there:


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Check the Japan thread. Can’t guarantee help but nearly everyone in there taught English at some point in time

The closest thing to a “Japan” thread it the “World: Discussion & Matchmaking” thread, is that what you meant?


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Thanks for the link

I know a couple of SRKers who teach in JPN. I mean, for god sakes, we have one who translates all the SSF4 information for us.

I’m basically taking this route also, which is why my course is Education, majoring in English.
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If you also check this link HERE, it’ll tell you what to expect.

So your saying its gonna make me extremely angry? have you or are you currently working in Japan as an English teacher?

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i just finished up a year in korea and am looking for a new job over there now, you can hit me up on on PMs if you have any specific questions. you should prob do the same to anybody in the japan thread as well, as iirc they didn’t like their thread being turned into an ESL Q&A.

this site here is kinda like an SRK for ESL teachers, i’m only really familiar with the korean forums but they have ones for japan and china as well.