Teacher in Alaska likely killed by wolves


Conserves her right.

now you’re just trying too hard

It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd.


not mentioned in the story is when later reached for comment on why they did not consume the body the wolf pack responded she was “JUST 2 SWEEEEET!”


That’s what you get for doing that stupid fucking “jog in place while waiting for the light” shit in the wild.

You got a bone to pick?

I’m so proud of you guys.

Why the hell was she in the woods if she was only jogging on the road? Did she see Grandma’s house in the distance?

Jogging… in Alaska?

Don’t turn your back on the wolf pack. You might wind up in a body bag.

Wolves? More like sexually-starved males…or hardcore lesbians.


All day, baby.

this really sounds like a cheap shot at srk lol… prays no members live in Alaska

lol what are they…cobra kai?

I will never understand how someone can make jokes about someones death. If it was your friend or family member, would you be okay with someone joking about their death?



She wasn’t killed by a pack of wolves, but rather, a pack of men wearing this.

Bonus SRK points if you remember it.