Teach me how to good this game

I rented SF4 and liked it. But I am cheap. I bought the HD remix for 15 dollars instead. I suck even more online than I do in SF4. I completed Easy mode on HD remix arcade mode and that was hard enough; had to use at least a dozen continues. How many times do I have to play matches, knowing that my opponent will score two near-perfects on me like they always do?

good links:

Sirlin’s ST tutorial vids:

beginner vid part 1: [media=youtube]d0cFs5mHQC4[/media]
beginner vid part 2: [media=youtube]OoILSEQL9jE[/media]
intermediate: [media=youtube]jCapuhsOMcg[/media]
advanced: [media=youtube]t8dD3K2_Pz4[/media]

eventhubs STHD guide

SRK’s ST wiki

hohono’s youtube page

and of course don’t forget about the character specific threads in the STHD forum.

The worst advice anyone can give you to is to stick with one character. The first thing you should do in any fighting game is test drive as many different characters as you can. Try them out to find out which characters are the best fit for your personality, then run with them.

I couldn’t agree more! It’s very strange, many of the characters have the same inputs for specials, but how effectively they come out is based on the player using them.

Let me give you an example, for the longest time, I had trouble getting Guile’s flashkick to come out back in the ST days, whereas Blanka’s verticle roll and Honda’s buttsplash came out for me like water, even though they’re the same inputs.

Use a good handful of characters. It’s not needed to use them all, but pick maybe 4-6 you really enjoy personality wise, and use them extensively until you find a good 2-3 you could see yourself greatly improving with; then after you feel you’re decent with them, add a few more. Never use the same character 85%+ of the time. I’ve seen this with so many players.