TE2+ vs TE2 Chun Li stick?

Complete stick noob here. I need to order a stick before SF5 and would like to take advantage of a promotion that gives me a discount. However, due to the TE2+ not being available yet and the promotion ending in three days, the only stick available is the TE2. I didn’t notice until just now that there wasn’t a + sign at the end of the title for the Chun Li artwork stick. I assumed they were the exact same thing because they are both the same price.

What am I missing with the TE2 stick compared to the TE2+? Is it worth paying 40 extra dollars + shipping, or should i just go with TE2?

Thanks guys.

The only real difference I have seen that the TE2+ has a touch pad at the top of it. Other than that it’s pretty much the same as the TE2

And L3/R3 buttons.

From their site

thx man

No real use for a touch pad and L3/R3 buttons for SF5/GGXrd/MKX right? Just extra fluff for someone who uses their stick for non-fighing games as well?

Well, the touch pad click is practically the new select button on PS4. You won’t have that but I’m sure the devs will put something to supplement that. I think GG Xrd is a good example

I’ve pre-ordered a TE2+. I think the board will be different and we can have a better input lag(or not).
I’ve never use Mad Catz Fightsticks just a Hori VX SA(Xbox 360) for about a year(I’ve already sold it).

If you want to resell it, maybe with the TE2+ you get a better deal.

Just my 2 cents. :wink: