Te2 Side Panels

Anybody know where I can get some black side panels for a Mad Catz TE2? They’re always sold out on the Mad Catz site.

I just checked and they’re available right now.

No they are not, the flaw of the MC store is that the first item that loads always looks like it’s in stock. You’ve gotta toggle off the first color, e.g. go to the pull down menu and pick red sides let that load and then go back to the pull down menu and pick black sides again to see their true inventory status.

wtf, I even put that thing in my cart and it said in stock. that’s weird.

Yep, its a FLAW!!!

Yeah, I was excited when I saw them and then disappointed when I tried to check out.

I’m going to end up getting some carbon fiber vinyl and wrap my side panels/bezel. Madcatz doesn’t know when they’ll restock parts.

They have some red sides on Amazon Japan… It’s something

The red sides are what I have. Lol

remove the red sides and plastidip them black? even if its just a temporary fix it’ll work

I bought a supposed Killer Instinct TE2 from CeX which when it arrived turned out to be the red TE2 instead :confused: Due to their non-existent customer service it looks like I’m stuck with this, so I am also looking for a solution to get black side panels.

Does anyone know if the carbon fibre wrap looks decent in person? I’ve seen pictures and it looks pretty good but I get the vague impression it might look kinda tacky in the flesh.

Anyone know where I can find red side panels for TE2?

What color do you have? I might trade you.