TE wiring tugging microswitches -- plungers looking weird

Aside from the rather shotty wiring that I saw when I first opened the stick, and the whole “Hey, the wiring for “L1” isn’t for… L1… what gives?” shabang, one dilemma that’s pulling my hair is that I can’t find a way to stop the wiring from tugging the micro switches for some of the buttons. Because of this, the plungers for some of the buttons veer towards the right, thus leaving some space on the left portion.

To get where I’m getting at, look at the following picture:


*The picture’s not mine. Courtesy to the original owner (I just found it on google… and using it as a reference)

If you look at the stick with the red buttons, you’ll notice that the plunger placement of each button is perfect – no empty spaces there. But look at the one with the green buttons – the LK and HK buttons veer towards the right, hence the opening spaces on the left (note: camera angle could be a factor here, but my point is is that the plunger placement isn’t “perfect”).

In any case, the tugging of the microswitches is causing this problem for me (at least, when I fiddled around with the microswitches, the plungers moved… which is to be expected). So, how would I go about fixing this?

Oh, and if it matters, the microswitches for the buttons feel loose. Is this normal?


i dont know if this is the same thing ur talking about but i remember when i swapped the stock sanwa buttons from my TE into my HRAP3. i wanted the outer rim white with the red button so i popped the button out of the hori buttons and put it into the white rim from the stock sanwa buttons. when i did that i seen the same gap thing but i didnt know how to fix it. does anybody know why this happens?

the hole isnt big enough, right now your holes are just barely enough to fit the buttons.

i think

Either that, or you’re probably getting the tugging issue that I’m seeing with my TE. I, myself, have an HRAP, but it’s the “SA” edition, so I can’t say for sure.

we arent talking about the size of the holes for the button layout. we are talking about the actually part where u press down on a button.