TE Wiring Mishap

Was painting, my TE stick and modding buttons a bit ago.

While picking off the QDs on the purple wire which is RT, or Roundhouse I believe, the QD on the wire snapped in half. I’m left with the purple wire and the bit of QD that is clamped onto the end of it, whilst the end of the QD that connects to the plugs on the Snap-in Buttons just snapped off and is nothing more than a piece of tin now.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot it? Just strip the wire and solder that button, or somehow apply a new QD?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this is a common problem and/or of miniscule means.

no worries man. sounds like a simple fix of getting a new QD and putting it on.

Snip off the busted QD, strip a new section, attach a new QD. If there’s not enough wire to reach the button, twist a new length onto the end, wrap the exposed wire in electrical tape, and attach a QD to the new end. If that doesn’t do it there’s probably some dark sorcery involved, in which case I suggest an old priest and a young priest.

So the connection on the button broke too? If so, you can just solder the wire to whatever piece of metal is left on it. You could even run a male QD from the button.

Ah, thanks. No, the connection of the button didn’t break, just the QD. And I figured I could do that. Awesome.

I’m going to go with post #3 as it would probably be the best solution in the long run.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it.

Did you yank the QD off? Next time you take QDs off use a flat head screwdriver and put it between the QD and the prong for the button and wiggling the screwdriver like so.




nice instruction!