TE stick owners, just a simple question

when you open your TE box, what else is there besides the TE stick? Cause mine came with only the instruction sheet and it’s under the stick.

I’m asking this because in some Ebay auction/ or SRK members who post pics of their sealed TE stick factory boxes, I see that the Instruction sheet is placed or taped to the side, and some without the instruction on the side.

did matcatz change the location of the instruction manual after the first shipment?


My stick is from 3/27. When I got it, it came with instructions and a little microphone adapter (not sure what it’s for). Both adapter and instructions were inside a plastic bag and the plastic bag was taped to the side. My stick was sealed by the way when I got it. Was yours sealed as well?

yeah, mine was sealed, but has NO microphone adaptor. what is the adaptor for? Was yours for PS3 or xbox? mine was for PS3. is there a difference in packaging and material included??

Oh mine is XBOX. That’s probably why. The XBOX controllers all have microphone inputs.

yeah, the xbox one has an adapter for the older mics. The ps3 one doesnt come with it. I think you got everything you should with your TE

if you need one let me know ive got an extra lying around. wireless mic FTW

I just got a TE stick as well (Xbox360) and the instructions were taped to the JLF itself. was my stick tampered with?

Just a heads up:

I bought 2 te sticks about 2 weeks ago from bestbuy online and both looks like the security tapes were opened and closed (the 2 circle tapes to get to the joystick). I think mad catz has been opening and closing them to maybe change something within the box. So it’s possible that the instruction has been moved because of this.

^nah more like someone used it and did not like it and returned it.and bestbuy restocked it. so essentially you paid full price for a 2nd hand goods.

If anyone needs the old xbox360 microphone adapter converter let me know. I have one brand new,

My stick for the 360 was sealed and included the mic adapter.

I would believe that, but the base under the plastic washer of the joystick did not have any swirls/scratches. If it was used for a minute then there would have been swirls there.