TE stick modding question

Ok so i’m planning on dual modding my PS3 TE stick. Now I want to replace the original PCB with a MC cthulhu board. I also want to now if there is a website where i can buy a xbox 360 stick PCB, because I don’t want to use a controller PCB. I also don’t want to lose turbo and home button functionality

easiest thing to do is sell your PS3 TE and get a 360 TE

I don’t think that would be an option since my stick is used and if I would sell this one I would have to pay extra for the new stick.

Well then you’ll be loosing the turbo function as you’ll have to use a controller pcb, there’s no point changing to the cthuhlu if you don’t want to loose the turbo function.

i dont’ think you’ll be able to buy the 360 pcb unless you get a 360 SE or TE

I see. So I got no other option than to buy a 360 controller huh? Too bad.

Thats correct, i think you have no choice but to do the pad hack and also the hex inverter mod if you want to use the trigger buttons.

Ok, thank you for the answers. I just want to know one more thing. Can I use an official 360 controller or are there any controllers you would recommend.

you will need a common ground controller to do the dual mod.

I believe the mad catz controllers from gamestop are common ground. Your best bet is to have a look at the 2 pcbs thread, has tons of info.

we can split a te. i get the case you get the internals and all (buttons joystick, pcb turbo wires) pm if interested