TE Stick feels weird

I have a first edition TE stick. Presumably it has been worn out a bit but basically the joystick feels a little loose. It also kinda “sticks” for half a second sometimes.

For example, I’ll do a move right input very briefly but the character will continue walking for half a second.

Is there anyway to fix this? Replacing the spring etc?

make sure the swith at the top is set to DP (d-pad)

if it is set to LS (left stick) sometimes it will attempt to emulate the slow release of the analogue stick and cause someone to continue moving in a direction.

You might need to replace the Micro switches which you can get at Lizard Lick or Gamingnow.

The spring returns the stick to neutral - you’ll notice spring issues in the ‘feel’ of the stick if the spring is going. If the stick is returning to normal well, then it’s probably an issue with the microswitch and not the spring. This is definitely fixable - at the very worst, a drop in stick replacement will do it.