TE Stick Cord Cover Replacement

Sorry if this thread had been made before, but do to poor cable management by me the tab that locks the cover to the cable compartment of my TE stick has finally broken off. I was wondering if there was any place online that sells replacement because I looked at the Madcatz website and had no luck.

Since no one has answered let me rephrase what I said. What I meant was that I need a cover replacement for the cord compartment because the tab on the cover broke off. The cover itself is fine, but it can’t lock the compartment to keep the cord in because of the broken tab.

I still have the tab, but what I’m asking is that is there any solution to this problem other than buying another TE?

Thanks in advance.

Try some plastic glue or plasti-weld or whatever you want to call it. It’s a type of glue that melts plastic back together. Testors is the popular brand for this. It might not work on the type of plastic the door is made out of so it’ll be better to do some google searching before you buy it. Super glue wont work because it doesn’t have much sheering strengh (horizontal force on the joint will break the glue)

Another way would be to screw a small flat piece of plastic or something next to the door so when you clsoe the door you can just turn the plastic piece over the seem in the door to hold it shut. Kind of like the things that hold screens in window frames if you know what I’m talking about.

Those are my ideas.

Call madcatz, they will send you a replacement free most of the time.

Thank you for responding guys.