TE Stick Bat Tap to Balltop instructions


I recently switched my TE Stick from Ball to Bat Top - now I want to switch it back. The first conversion was easy as I didn’t need to remove the faceplate, but to put the balltop back on it seems to be more involved. I don’t want to screw up my stick. Are there any guides for going through with this? I don’t know what I’m doing.

You just do the same way as how you installed Bat Top.
And would still not need to remove anything.

If you need to remove the face plate, you need a 3mm or 7/64" allen wrench. Remove the 6 screws, slowly remove the faceplate to expose the joystick, place a flat head screw driver at the base of the joystick shaft (there is a small slot for it) and twist the top off. Left loosey, righty tighty. Repeat steps backwards to assemble.

Maybe we’re not on the same page, but I removed the ball top simply by lifting the ball, pinching the metal with pliers to keep the column from rotating and twisting the ball off. This doesn’t work with a bat top because it is too tall to reveal the metal beneath the plastic sheath.


Thanks man, I guess I’ll have to try that later.

Then that is incorrect way to do.
My Post was saying what Toggleme said.

I was thinking you installed the Bat Top the correct way.

did the pliers scratch the joystick shaft? but i have a question regarding the bat top. i bought an aluminum toggleme bat top and the adapter for the JLF. it all fits and works perfectly but i just have a lil problem which is not that big but it gets annoying. every now and then the bat top would get loose and i would have to open up the faceplate and re-tighten it again. it gets annoying having to do once every week. is there a solution?

First try teflon tape for the thread. They use it on air compressors and air tools. Can be found at a store with an automotive section, walmart, pep boys, auto zone, kragen auto, etc.

And or drill a hole to the bottom of your TE case to fit a screw driver. I do that on all of my customs.
Example if you look at the full size verision.

Its white tape, used for all sorts of sealing applicatnnos. On my top, it would come loose if I did not give it some force when I tightened it. It has not come loose since my last assembly and this is without any sort of tape/locker. If the Teflon tape doesn’t work for you, try “Loctite Threadlocker blue.”