TE Side Panel Removal help

I’m a bit stuck modding my TE,
I got my buttons and my ball top,
waiting on my arts.
I want to make it a Slim version because I think the Side Panels are ugly.

I cannot find a way to do it.
a link would be appriciated.


I think this is what you’re looking for…he takes the whole thing apart for you. You pretty much have to take the whole deal apart…

You want big gaping holes on the sides?

I was going to link the same.


Yeah, that’s a great little tutorial type vid thingy, I watched it when I was all excited and waiting for my TE to get here in the mail it helped alot. I pretty much knew just what I was getting into.


This is a little more comprehensive…there are some up close pics of the six screws that hold the sides in.

Sell it and buy a TE “S”.

^^There is always that option lol…