Te sanwa JLF joystick problem

i couldnt find this anywhere else and i really need this info.

on my te my joystick started acting stupid it would hold the forward sometimes more than the time i held it goin that way and now its complete gone. so i was wondering do i just need to get the pcb for it or what? cuz i dont want to spend more money than i should or is this a different problem? thanks in advanced

You are on LS?
Put Switch back to DP?

dammit i feel like such a freakin idiot i didnt check that first cuz i never move it but i did let a friend borrow it they prolly played a joke on me i almost lost my mind thanks man i feel like such a noob haha

I pull this trick on my friends all the time. They walk away from their stick in between matches for a beer or a phone call and I switch it to RS, then watch them spend 5 minutes mashing buttons and unplugging/plugging in the USB cable repeatedly.

You do that?

I will try that out.

Then switch it to LS if you get another chance. They’ll be so happy it works, you’ll be able to beat them due to the lag.

haha love it. tech talk got jokes.

In an edit, I went around swapping the swiches on unattended TEs at a SSF4 tourney today (Wasn’t so big that we needed to hang onto them. It was in a store, so people set them down on displays). I set a few to LS, and a few to RS. And then I borrowed a friend’s TE. Well, though I hadn’t tampered with it, it had been left in LS, so I had to play a round with lag, and then figured out why I wasn’t doing well. Karma, man. Won a round, and then lost one by pixels of a life bar. :sad:

You are bad boy!