TE round 2 VS TE-S

I know underneath the hood they are the same. But what are the differences in weight, ease of move execution ect? Has anyone had both and orefer one over the other for whatever reason? Also mine will be for 360. If i get the S edition how easy would it be to put black buttons in place of the god awful red,yellow,blue buttons that is on the xbox version?

The TE-S seems heavier, it’s weird.

They play exactly the same of course.

I prefer the TE standards. I like the wings and I hate the faux plexi on the TE-S.

I don’t know if the “plexi” gets ruined when you try to peel it off to change buttons. Someone else will have to answer this.

I’ve tried both and I prefer the original simply for the fact that it has a bezel. The S stick plexi used to scratch me every couple of rounds.

I got the S because i hate the side on the others. With arthrongs stuff you can customize it to any top you want, even add a bezel and change the stock art and plexi

I have a TE-S and I think the only technical difference is the flat sides and the addition of the lock button, which isn’t that necessary. I’ve had no problems with the full sized art, but some people say it’s scratchy.

What about the MVC stick? I know its all sanwa also. Is it the TE@ stick with different art or the “S” edition with different art?

The Marvel vs. Capcom TE is not the TE S.

So it is the same weight and width as the TE2? It has the “wings” that the TE has?

the MVC stick also has a button layout like so if we are talking Xbox

I might have LB and RB backwards, but it follows the default mvc2 layout.

That is correct, rtdzign. I just checked my roommate’s MvC2 stick.

What im asking is this : Is the mvc stick just the TE round 2 with different art?

Yes, different art and button layout.

And color scheme too i think(buttons and stick). If you plan to change it up then i dont see it a big deal which you get. The S just doesnt have the love handles, lol

I’ve had all 3 (TE round 1/2, TE “S” & MvC) style of Madcatz sticks. Some notes:

  • The only difference between a TE & MvC is that sweet Marvel artwork. It’s the same pseudo 3D lithograph artwork you see on covers of comic books. If you’re going to swap the artwork then I wouldn’t even bother getting a MvC for the reason I just stated.

  • The differences between TE & TE “S” are the side end pieces, artwork, no bezel (but w/full panel) **AND the lock feature actually locks the start & select buttons.
    In terms of design, I prefer the round 2 b/c the nature of its all black casing & the very subtle grey artwork (very classy!). However, in terms of overall package (assuming price’s the same) I prefer the TE “S” due to the full top panel & no bezel. IMO, the bezel kinda gets in the way but not to the point it’s annoying. If on the other hand you’re going to swap out the artwork, panel & buttons anyway, might as well get the cheapest TE stick for the obvious (gonna replace that stuff anyway). And anyone that tells you the edges scratch them (on a TE “S”), they’re just pussies w/their soft hands, LOL!

its not heavier.
Also dont get the Te’s is sucks cause it scratches your forearm since there is no bezel.
@jdm714 holdon im not weird about the edges, just concerned, about the uncomfortable feeling you get while using the Te’s

Yes, people are weird about the edges.

it’s just personal preference. I prefer the wings.

OMG this is spot on correct and agree with it 100%. And the scratch thing is also BS, never happened to me…so far


I play with both. I see literally no difference except the wings. I lean towards the TE-S because it has no bezel and no wings. The plexi does not scratch up my moisturized forearms or hands.