TE Round 2 stick issues help? ;x

Hey guys im new to SRK and i heard this is the best place for sf4 info

um like an hour ago i honestly just bought a TE round 2 stick and right away had a issue with the joystick. It wont respond to anything… even with the 3 switches on the top left. It worked for like 2 games and i turned it off and now it just wont pick up on any motion; the pushbuttons work.

any idea’s? :confused: i dont want to go return this shit an hour later for another one lol

Make sure on your turbo panel it’s on the one that says DP, If it’s not on DP it will not register much input.

yeah DP for the dashboard, and im supposed to switch it to LS when i get into the game right? doesn’t work ;

No you’re suppose to keep it on DP

yeah that didnt work ><
any other options?

Get a picture of the turbo panel for me, It stays on DP, THE ENTIRE Time, Just making sure you know that.

Also a picture of the inside would be nice it might be that your harness slipped off your stick and just needs to be pushed back on, I don’t advise doing this if you don’t know how also i don’t advise you opening your stick unless your warranty is up

sorry for bad quality

yeah the warrenty is up… i bought the stick an hour ago so what should i do

Take the stick back, Some immature groups of people like to gently peel the warranty sticker off and swap out the sanwa parts and return it, Id advise taking it back for another one if possible, Also i didn’t take a look at the bottom of your post about the ‘‘2 hours ago’’, I just was looking at the problem.

okay thank you very much my friend^^

If they can’t exchange your stick for another because there low in stock, If you have a credit card and can get your full amount you payed for it back MadCatz is having a sale on them actually for 99$ with free shipping, with any US Resident



Id hurry up.

your stick had a less-than-hour warranty? o_O;

He was posting sarcasm because, I missed what he said about buying it two hours ago.

oh LOL. sorry.

Oh man that sale for the sticks is perfect, lol too bad i had used store credit to buy the stick…
the one i bought was the last one; i need to drive around to every store looking for one.

would you recommend the MvC2 stick?

What if it is just the connector loose?

MVC2 Stick, Is the same stick with different art, So Yes, I suggested the same thing JDM, But i also forgot you can open it from the top aswell.

MvC2 Stick also has a different button layout from the SF4 sticks. Other than that and the art, they’re the same.

They’re different, Really? I line my MVC2, Next to my Round 2, They’re exactly the same, However, I don’t use either stick all that much, Im partial to my dual modded SE

alright so i guess ill try out the MvC2 stick, hopefully this one gives me no problem so i can mod it as soon as possible lol