TE Round 1 stick is dead(Closed)

(I will try to be as descriptive as possible. Sorry that I don’t have any images…)

Well this is a fine mess for myself…

I recently opened up my Dual Modded TE 1 stick to see of the Phreak Mods card would work for PS2, and I did something so wrong, my stick won’t turn on. The guide button on it doesn’t light up when it’s plugged in.

When you take the face-plate off, the green card/board (whatever its called) is sitting atop the DM PhreakMods card/board. I have the pins all lined up properly, and when I push down in the spot over the pin labeled ‘Xbox guide’ the guide button DOES flash, but it doesn’t stay lit. And I have to push firmly for it to glow bright; Other times it’s dim. As far as I can tell, all the wires are fine, and nothing appears to be broken or damaged.

I honestly have no clue what I did to make this happen, it was working fine just 2-3 days ago. But ever since I cracked it open to look up info on the PhreakMods card, it’s just taken a big dump on me.

Any advice on what the issue could be? I’d greatly appreciate the input.


Maybe some pins are loose. Since it uses push pins to contact. check all contacts and wiggle the pcbs if necessary.

That was the exact problem; It wasn’t lined up fully. Thanks!