TE Mod issue

I’ve got a PS3 Chun-li TE, and gummowned modded it… but I cannot use it on the 360 when I do ANY combination of Button pressing simultaneously cause it to activate turbo any random buttons… Any idea what might be causing this.

First - what did Gummowned mod it with - that will tell us what key-combo should work… But tbh it sounds like something is awry.

Well with out knowing what Gummonwed has done, the quick response is that you have a PS3 TE, that is why it will not work on a Xbox 360.
You have to give us more info. Or better yet Contact Gummowed, because no one knows what Gummowned did better than Gummowned.

I dual modded it with a madcatz 360 pad and impv1 if my memory is correct. Though there is always the chance it might be a fightpad or impv2. Home was set to the system select button.

I do recall the turbo leds activating, which was strange, but when testing on my laptop there were no signs of turbo or random button presses showing. Could you rephrase the issues you are having? I’m having trouble understanding what the exact problem you are having.