TE Home button panel not working (URGENT)

Hi, earlier this week I posted a thread about one of my TE buttons not working (PS3 version btw). In order to fix it i had to pop out the little panel under my home/turbo/etc buttons. So I was just playing tekken, and ended up having to switch from dpad to left analog, so i go to do that, and the little lever goes all the way in. I opened up my TE and the circuit board looks fine, although when i reinsert the circuit board into its plastic casing, it looks perfectly fitting, but the lever remains jammed (although it’s just find on the board) and the home and turbo buttons not only don’t work, but press really far in. I can understand if noone can understand and if necessary i can get a picture, but from the looks of it the circuit board (in the casing) looks just fine. It’s an urgent problem because I’m going on vacation on sunday and don’t have much time. This is a repost due to the fact that this is indeed urgent and nobody was responding to my old thread.


Pics here.

Thanks for any help

Sounds like that plastic top panel isn’t seated properly

Yup. Make sure it’s flush when the pcb is mounted and the screws are holding it down

Well based on pictures can you help me line it up? The only way to mount is the small side gets 1 clip and the big side gets 2, but no matter how hard i press (not going to break it obviously) The dpad,ls, rs, switcher is still sunk.

Can’t help you picture wise. If I have the pcb in front of me; I can do it no problem.
But trying to tell you how step by step is harder than anything else, harder than the actual fix.
All I can say is take you time, do not tighten you screws. Get them in by hand just enough that they will say, make sure the plastic is evenly seated with the PCB before tightening up any screws. And you do not want TIGHT screws, you want them in just so that you can’t turn using with out using extra force.

Okay thanks anyway.

Oh, i was just looking on my board and i noticed that the bottom right corner (when looking at the buttons) is n\missing and, with that I’m assuming there was another clip holding the circuit board in place. Although this makes no logical sense to me due to the face that when i press down on the corner on top the switcher and buttons are still sunk. Is this fixable?

No shouldn’t matter cuz you should have 4 screws holding it from the rear. Try turning the plastic tabs that sit on the turbo and dp switches. Something is probably snagging.

Which plastic tabs…? You mean the switches themselves?

The covers that go over the switches. Nevermind, I noticed that you left the switch covers for the dp off when showed the picture. I have no idea. Just have someone take a look at it if you can’t seem to notice it. Something is obviously snagging if the home button is sinking in. I think it’s not fully seated, but you think it is.

Also where are your four rear screws?

It has the same problem even when the screws are in.

Also, I am aware it is not seated properly, I just can’t comprehend why. Here’s how I got in this predicament. I recently fixed a problem involving a broken terminal on my barrier strip, I took the turbo panel apart because originally that’s where I thought the problem was. I put it back together and started playing some Tekken. I went to change it from Dpad to Ls because I was in scenario, and when I went to press on it the switch sunk down to be flush with the plastic, and the home button and turbo buttons stopped working due to obvious missing contact. I know this is probably no help, just sharing my story.

Check to make sure that the clips on the outside of the plastic cover are holding the PCB Properly. (The second to last picture in the OP shows what you might want to look at.)

I don’t know how you could clip it in differently?

I can’t tell but yeah, make sure the pcb is sitting inside the border of the turbo panel. It’s a simple fix, so keep trying. Try snapping the left side first in, then the right. If that doesn’t work, try the right side of the PCB first and the left.

I guess

God damn I have no idea what i’m doing wrong. this is not a 1/10 cm difference mind you, its a good half to 3/4 centimeter difference then the way it was before.rearranging the way its put in makes no difference, GAAAAAAH