TE Fightstick issue Help?

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with my 2009 TE MvC2 Edition FightStick. The stick stopped working, it doesn’t turn on the console or registers as a controller on the console. But when it’s plugged in, all 4 lights (lights indicating which player # it is) lights up. Nothing happens.

I lost the receipt so the warranty is useless. I hope someone can help me with this because I love SSF4.

Also I live in Toronto, and is wondering if there are any stores I can bring it to for repairs. I can’t afford a new stick.

Thank you.


hit up the trade forum for a new pcb. I would still contact madcatz and see if they would do anything… the worst they can say is NO. but other than that you prolly just need to replace the pcb.

just make sure its your controller messing up and not your console.

Go take a look at some custom modders in your area through the local modder thread to see if it is busted. (shameless plug :D)

First thing though is to test it on your PC before you think anything is wrong…

I tried plugging it in the PC and it does the same thing. The lights that light up, turns off if i angle the stick abit so I think it’s the hardware thats messed up.

Mr Mortified, I noticed that you’re also from Toronto, do you know any custom modders in Toronto?

Chowwun does dual mods, maybe he can help you out. He’s in the Toronto/Markham area.

If it does the same thing in both PC and console then it is most likely PCB problem or wire problem. a short can cause what you said, but a broken PCB can do the same as well, Try narrow down which one it is is the best idea. Unfortunately I don’t see a way to find out without replacing the PCB / Cable.

I do mods too but chowwun may help you more than me.
I’d have to see pictures to say the least but from what i gather there could be 2 things
one you could have a bad pcb
two you could have a bad usb cable/head

why don’t i ever read posts above me…
ID01’s right on the money there

Thanks a lot guys. I’ll send chowwun a message.

Hello guys i didnt want to start a new thread and i cant find a solution to my problem anywhere so i will ask here
so today i plugged in my ps3 TE S stick and it wasnt being recognized by the console so i started to check what was wrong and i saw that the tip of my usb cable was bent so i moved it around and it started to work but when i moved back the cable moved and i was back to the same problem now i can get it to work a little but im pretty sure my cable wont work anymore so i was wondering if theres any way to change it to a new cable and if so how can i do it

You have to desolder that faulty USB cable from the PCB board that has the Turbo and Home buttons. The cable’s definitely faulty. You want to remember NOT to let the replacement bend like the original did. This sort of thing happens if you tie the cable TOO tightly or repack it in the cable box too tightly. I normally just loop my USB cables along the thin part of the TE case body and put the TE joystick back into its original Mad Catz box with the foam inserts holding the joystick body floating in the middle. Never had problems with packing and retrieving Mad Catz joysticks from the box this way!

If you aren’t experienced in soldering small connections, I’d take it to someone who is. The solder points on that board are TINY! It’s real easy to see where to solder the mini-cables to… Before snipping the original USB cable off, leave like an inch or two of that cable’s mini’s so you can see which color mini-cable goes to which solder point. Note the connection label for each solder point (they’ll say ‘+’, ‘-’, ‘V’, and something else). Make notes of those labels and the corresponding cable colors that run to them.

When you desolder the leftover mini-cables, you want to be sure you solder the right mini-cable colors of the replacement USB cable to the right solder point on the PCB!

(All USB cables have the same mini-cable colors. They should all solder in and work. I haven’t noticed a different with the two different-brand USB cables I turned into RJ-45 extensions for my MC Cthulu PCB.)

Note also that Mad Catz has a habit of putting in an extra mini-cable. It really doesn’t do anything to my knowledge. They just put an extra length of mini-black cable in their cables. You WILL see two black mini-cables on the PCB. To my knowledge, unless someone who’s found out otherwise, the mini-black cable closest to the long edge of the PCB – looking at the PCB aligned vertically so that the Turbo Button is above the Home Button --, which has no significant label as far as memory service, does nothing really.

One last thing… Note how Mad Catz puts a ‘weight’ on the USB cable and a small ‘twist’ before it enters the USB cable hole leading to the cable storage compartment. You want to duplicate this on the new USB cable. This keeps the cable from being stretched and possibly snapping off the solder points on the main PCB.

Lastly, many stores sell 10-foot USB cables for $5. I wouldn’t pay more than $10 in-store to be honest. Check online if you can’t find a low-priced USB cable in-store. I know that LizardLick.com sells $5 USB cables. I’ve also seen cheap USB cables ($5) in discount stores, too. Fry’s Electronics should have USB cables in stock but I don’t know what their pricing is.

its an easy fix if you know how to solder. take you about 20 min being careful… LL like george says sells usb’s at a very cheap price… if theres a fry’s next to you they also sell very cheap usb’s it doesnt matter what usb you buy aslong as it has a male adapter since you will be cutting off the male"B" ( i think thats what its called) off to re-solder to the board. I think I have extra madcatz cables with break away’s also if you want it. just send me a PM i dont use it and have plenty so you can just have it.

WAIT! if its just the tip of your usb you dont have to do any of that crap! haha just re-read your post and missed thatpart… pm me and I’ll send you another tip from one of the break away usb’s I have. your cable is fine just the tip is bad…
maybe I read it wrong but if its this part I have one for you…


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so what youre saying is i dont have to solder a new cable to the board and just join a usb tip from another cable to the one on my stick?

if the problem you are talking about lies within what I put in the pic above… yes

and how do i do that
i have a shitload of usb cables so u dont need to give me one but i dont know how to join them
oh and thanks for all your help :smiley:

Well my question was if that piece I posted is your actual problem in your explination then your just having a problem with the actual break away cable that is easy to find.Another wired controller will have the same breakaway cord especially if its a madcatz controller. if it is not and your problem lies with the actual USB cord then GeorgeC’s direction is a way to go to fix it. personally if it is the cord there is enough extra in the lenth of it you can just cut and re-solder without purchasing a new usb.
I’m asking about the breakaway cable
George is telling you about one way to fix the actual USB cord.

yea thats the part that is bent so no the problem is not the usb cord but the part that joins with the actual usb tip

then just replace the break away cable like I pictured above. if you cant find one shoot me a pm and I’ll send you one. I have a few extra I dont use.

alright man thanks so much for your help i already fixed it
now i have to learn not to pack the cable in so tight lol
thanks again you guys are awesome

I have exact the same problem. all the 4 lights flash up (green). I tried the adapter from my fightpad, but the stick doesnt work. so, which part of the stick usb cable I have to change and what kind of usb cables I can use? maaaan my lovely te2 stick… its so sad. =(