TE fightsitck Mac questions... again

I recently purchased a MVC2 TE Fightstick (madcatz of course). I am wanting to play on mame osx and or mac mame… Here’s the problem, the tutorials that I have found on shoryuken are for the hori stick, and or are very very very confusing. I am not at all versed in terminal, and I just want some simple explanation… Could someone post a youtube walkthrough of how to do this?

sorry if this is too much to ask…


the instal package says " cannot install there is nothing to install"

then you messed up. read the whole thing. it also depends on which version of os x you are using. ask tsphan he is awesome

Thanks hacksparrow :smiley:

  1. As for getting the thing to work, basically you need to install the 0.08 version of the Mac OS X 360 drivers from tattiebogle.
  2. You can then try using my install packages. It requires the updated controller.plist files and the installer automator app. You simply drag the controller.plist file onto the automator app, after a few minutes, it will refresh your kernel extensions and your controller should suddenly work.

– OR –

  1. You can edit the controller.plist file yourself. Or just copy over the controller.plist file. The instructions are all on that thread.
  2. Then all you need to type into the terminal is 1 command, and then your password. It was something like “sudo touch /System/something-something”, it’s somewhere on that thread as well.
  3. After entering in your password, Mac’s scheduling will take a few minutes before it starts to rebuild its drivers. After a while, the drivers may suddenly start working.

Feel free to PM me. I might take awhile to respond but I’ll try my best.

The youtube video idea sounds sort of fun. I might do it once I get the time.