TE Button Layout

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has the Joystick and button layout of the Madcatz Tournament edition that can be printed out on an A4 piece of paper.
I need it so that I can use it as a stencil for my box.

Can’t you just print out a blank TE Template PSD?
Then use that?


How would I go about just printing the buttons and stick layout?

Just print it through PS. If you don’t have it, you can print out the layout here: http://slagcoin.com/joystick/layout.html

Go to Vewlix if you want the TE layout.

Thing is that the Mad Catz Vewlix is not an exact Vewlix.

The Mad Catz is modified slightly.
There is a slight slope at end.

The Vewlix as seen on slagcoin, the end has no slope.
If compare the TE Template to Vewlix, then would see the difference.

And well, trader wants the TE.

Damnit, jdm, I didn’t think he would notice. >_>

Uh oh.
I should delete my Post.

hey thanks guys,
where can i get a psd template of the exact vewlix cabinet layout?

While this thread is still up, I would just like to know where I could find tutorials on how to put artwork over any arcade stick template.