TE:1 Full Size Plexi Template

I’m trying to find the template for the full size plexi. Did a search and found people buying them. I just want the dimensions and button template to make my own.
Any link will be helpful. Upgraded and lost all my bookmarks.


There’s a constantly-bumped art thread here that has all the templates:

I have seen those.

I was hopping there was one floating around with the dimensions of the full size plexi.

Isn’t it there in the first post, the 6th one down on the “Art templates” section?

You can extract the dimensions of the template from there.

Thanks Gundam. I will do that. I just wasn’t sure they were accurate for anything other than image sizing within the template. Much appreciated.

I ordered new acrylic modify 1/32" for 2 panel Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and SE. art@tek-innovations.com
Busy 10 to 14 days. I heard 100 people ordered it. Scammed?? I’m not sure…I paid PayPal approved to received money to art@tek-innovations.com

What are you going on about? Tek-innovations is one of the longest running, and well respected productions in the FGC.

I ordered from Tek-innovations dozens of times. It say on the web site they have a 10 to 14 day turnaround time.
They made there products to order, so there is that.

100 people? The entire FGC orders from Tek-innovations.
From among Tek-innovations customers they filled orders for Evo and even Mad Catz before when they need a one-off.

Scam? I think not.

Thanks Darksakul

I’m little just worry. 10 to 14 days is too long!

If you’re gonna be impatient then do it yourself.

I work on my PlayStation analog (early Mode A) PCB is easy job. I soldering wire on the PCB done it. I put inside Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for PS3 and PC. I removed PCB with solderless plug for sale and working on PC. I’ve ordered focusattack.com for solderless wires .110 plugs…I waiting…

10 to 14 days is actually really quick for anything custom cut or manufactured.
You be hard press to find anyone with a quicker turnaround time, Shapeways, Esty, eBay, ect.

Most people who make things to order takes weeks or even months to make.
Only other vender that has the same turnaround time that Art has with Tek-innovations is www.retrogamingcables.co.uk and they sell Scart cables for game consoles.