TBS: Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Everything

Does anyone else play this game on a high level?

As far as town tiers go, I think its this:

Tower(i’m 50/50 about them)
Undead(i’m 50/50 about them too)

Inferno(i’m 50/50 about them too)


Magic is part of what dictates the town tiering, along with building resource requirements

As far as (non-special) heroes go, Apparently the Castle hero is top tier, since he gives +2 speed to all units. That, coupled with cape of velocity, ring of wayfarer, & necklass of swiftness=units with+6 speed…insaneness.

ya… so all those hidden players from 1997 discuss.

homm4 sucked btw…
i havent played homm5(my comp sux)

i barely remember this game, on that note, money match, $5 bet it thx

I play this g@me till this day and always felt that Undeads are better than the others. Not really hero-wise but Units are really stronger compared to other towns with the exception of the ghost dragons.

I dunno if this is still viable though.

Undead was top tier in my book because of the stupid vampire units. Seriously, All you need are these units and you’ll win the whole game.

anyone want to kick down some heroes 2 strats? my friend and i had a hot seat session the other day, i want to be able to own up but i dont think im very good at the game

The theory behind winning a homm game is that units are finite. you get only X amount per week, so enhancing early production=more powerful army, & eventually more powerful heroe.

but, theres a balance betweent infrastructure & going for units that must be maintained.

As such, speed=victory(though this seems a no brainer), but this too must be balanced with unit preservation(i.e. not jumping into battles that get you screwed).

in homm3, every race has key units for attacking shit with early game.(conflux use sprites, rampart uses elves/cent. captains, undead vampires etc.etc.) I don’t remember whats important w/ homm2.

I wish I still had a copy of that whole homm set.

also, w/ undead, depending on the map, its the skeletons that make them imo. you have a secondary hero, who holds all the skeletons run w/ the primary hero(who levels up & gets the skeletons) Buildingwise, Undead is hella good b/c majority of their shit needs just wood/ore

I haven’t played the game in a while, but there’s no way they’re mid. The Archangels were stupidly easy to get early on and were as cheap as chips.