Tax help, 2009 v. 1.0

Background: I was hired in Oct. 2009 at a Gamestop in GA. I had previously worked at a Gamestop in North Dakota in 2001.

So I never received a W2 for 2009. After being hired, yes, I did correctly fill out paperwork in GA. After talking with my manager, I was told to use the company online site to print them out myself. After I logged in, I noticed that they still had my address on the W2 from North Dakota in 2001. Turns out, this is why I didn’t receive the W2, as they mailed it to the ND address.

I emailed the appropriate people, and this is the reply I get

"According to my history, you worked in ND and lived in ND in 2009. Therefor, your 2009 W2 reflected this information. I am not going to reproduce to change your current live in to GA.

Thank You,


GameStop l Tracy Clark, FPC l Payroll Tax Specialist & Corporate Payroll Coordinator l P# 817.424.2159powertotheplayers l "

What do I do or who do I contact to report this bullshit? I have my government documentation proving my duty station transfer and honorable discharge paperwork that indicate my move to Georgia in 2004.