Tatsunoko VS Capcom OR Street Fighter 4

I want to get into the fighting game scene. I got a Wii and PS3. Which game should I get so I can invest in a stick. I can’t really afford two sticks for both the games, so I gotta pick one. Any suggestions thanks!

Good question. Super Street Fighter IV is just around the corner. ALOTTA people will be playing that. So for a great time and new people to fight everyday, SSFIV. If you can’t wait buy SFIV and practice.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom is more low key but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good. This game is actually my preference of the two. I really enjoyed playing this game. The mechanics felt really good to me. Also, that fact that I am familiar with some Tatsu characters such as Karas, Doronjo, Yatterman, and Ken the Eagle, I felt like I had come to the right place. Let’s just hope there is a good netcode for optimal play.

Super Street Fighter 4.

ya i like the gameplay of Tatsunoko vs Capcom for sure. but like you said, more ppl will be playing street fighter

MC Cthulhu if possible? If youre not into modding, SSIV for sure.

super street fighter IV hands down

Why not both?

Get both!

I mean Tatsu comes out at the end of Jan and SSF4 possibly around April, plenty of time for both.

King of Fighters XII

<–said it.

You could get a PS2/PS1 stick and two converters, one into USB and one into GameCube. Just make sure they are good, lagless converters.


you could always go back and buy whatever game you don’t pick, but if i were you i’d probably pick ssf4.

I’d say go for SSFIV simpy because there are more fighters that seem to get played on the PS3 and more with online for if you have no local scene.

Although as others have said, building a ps2 stick and using adaptors to play it with both may be the best idea.

Does this generation ever get tired of creating new phrases by fucking up the way they used to be spelled? It started with “alot”, which is the idiot’s way to say “a lot”…now we have “alotta” the idiot’s form of “a lotta”, which is the slang/casual form of “a lot of”. Wtf?

Get a 360 stick and mod it up (I know you said you don’t have a 360, but it’s easier to put a PS3 PCB in a 360 stick than the other way around), it’ll be cheaper than buying one of each.

You might as well spend your money on a faggy masterchief helmet because unless you’re gootecks, (who is apparently only good at throwing sticks and getting sticks stolen ((id steal his stick too if he was only good at throwing sticks))) you may as well play mw2, where at least a bullet in the head is a bullet in the head is a bullet in the head. japs suck at fps. gtfo this site, not in a mean way, but if you feel like playing a winning game, donkey punch 4, or the last american iteration of anything capcom/fighting is not where you want to place your dollars.

Except in MW2 a bullet in the head ISN’T always a bullet in the head, as you say. But that’s another debate.

I’m just curious, why the hate for fighting games? Or is it just American’s viability in competing in the fighting game arena?

sorry Tatsunoko VS Street Fighter 4 doesn’t exist!!!

Neither, now where are my lockerz pts?

Get TvC first.
Wii Hori stick is only like $40 and it’s the best retail stick out there, despite what anybody says.