Tatsunoko vs Capcom frames of animation per second

does anyone know how many frames of animation are in a second in TvC?

In games the FPS fluctuates depending on the system and what’s stressing the system and the display.

So you have to start backwards and look at your display refresh rate and performance, then the game depending on what stage/chars etc, and finally the system.

There are also times where the fps changes depending on something built into the game – I think capcom talked about this being in SF2 (and HDR) where things slow down at certain times (probably after certain moves or combos).

I’m not really sure if this answers your questions but, most modern 3D games have keyframes and then they use some sort LERP technology to let the hardware tween the frames so they appear smoother. It’s hard to know where the keyframes are without a detailed guide or a developer pointing them out.

If I had to guess I’d say the game is locked at 60 fps max to conserve performance since anything under 30 fps doesn’t look too good in 3D.

Hope that was helpful or someone who knows more about TvC comes by.

If you’d look around there’s a huge TvC area in the Strategy section.