Tatsunoko vs Capcom Arcade Stick for Wii-Mod options

Happened to be at my local gamestop, saw the tvc wii arcade stick for 19.99, couldn’t pass on it. was it a good deal or not? I’ve heard it can be modded for use on 360/ps3, anyone know?

Good deal seeing as its one of the best options for WII fighting games, youd have to Cthulu mod or chimp it.

of course anything can be modded :smiley:

Get yourself a ps360 and mod it with that or mash it up with a ps1 controller and use the plethora of converters for whatever system you want to use it for

^^^^^Truth - for a first time modder, then… once the addiction kicks in… get a MC Cthulhu, 360 TE PCB, and have a great light compact stick that plays every system ! hehe…

i have means for it to be able to be used on 360, does anyone know about the approx budget for that?

for the 360 mod you will need to find yourself an 360 PCB.

here is a glimpse of my TvC stick modded for PS3 & 360

without LED mod

with Sparky Jr LED Mod