Tatsumaki Raids

I have a question about Tatsumaki Raids.

I’ve seen videos where the Tatsumaki seems safe. Do I have to 2-in-1 it from a normal to make it safe? DO I use the Fwd or Rdh version?

Tatsumakis are more safe on some chars than others. cr.lk and cr.mk into either mk or hk tastumakis work.

by mixing up hk and mk versions, you confuse opponent’s red parry attempts. since it’s startup is very fast, it’s very difficult to throw Akuma in between two consecutive tatsumakis.

Ok, thanks

dont try it on chun li, she ducks under all of it and you will get supered.

and dont do it when they are in the corner, cause they will duck under most of it (if they use characters like makoto), and counter you hard. Do it in the middle of the screen.

sometimes if they’re going to attempt to parry your second consecutive mk or fk tatsumaki, you can fake it out with lk tatsumaki. since the startup for the lk tatsumaki doesn’t have Gouki’s knee hitting your opponent, your opponent will miss a parry and get hit, which leaves you for a freebie. sometimes being random helps.

do it to urien…

Avoid using that move against Alex, Chun, Makoto, Oro and Ken players that like to dragon punch a lot - one of my friends mashes that move while blocking the tatsu and it actually comes out after blocking two hits. Very annoying :rofl:

Anyone know the details of mk hurricane kick => hp shoryuken??

I can’t seem to pull it off consistently. Is it character specific or can be only done when your opponent is in corner…etc???

On topic, in general don’t do a lot of hurricane against people who can duck under it cause they can up parry your hits in the middle of your hurricane if it whiffs. ex. Oro can duck under the first two hits and has the option of parry the rest of them (it’s not even red parry) or just let you go through him

Personally I use hurricane kick rarely against these characters. Maybe on wakeup when they’re pressuring, but definitely not in the middle of the screen.

mk hurricane -> hp shoryuken is character specific, corner or not does not matter. Works on Alex, Chun, Makoto, a couple others I don’t remember at the moment.

You can do it on everybody if you KARA-SRK :slight_smile:

Unless I’m missing something, Gouki cannot Kara his shoryu like ryu/ken since the command overlaps with the demon flip

He said it overlaps because Ken and Ryu don’t have a dp+k move, Akuma does.

Also, you’re allowed 3 frames to kara-cancel. Show me someone that can do f+mp, d, df+p all within 4 frames with any consistency. The KYSG video used a programmable controller. I’ve tried doing kara-shoryu with Akuma, a lot, even alternate inputs (f,d,f+mp,df+p) to try to get around the fact that a person just can’t move that fast with much accuracy, all to no avail. People can’t do kara-shoryu with f+mp without the assistance of something like a programmable controller. Oh, and forget about kara-hurricane. No margin of error whatsoever (f+mp,d,db,b+k).

Kara spin kicks lol

but that thing already travels half the screen

Yeah, pointless

Akuma vs hugo terrible for Akuma

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