Tatsu -> Cr. HK Against El Fuerte

El Fuerte has become a major upgrade in ssf4 thanks to his new ultra. But I’m not here to complain about that I’d leave that for the match up thread.

I went into training mode and picked akuma vs el fuerte and checking the match up thread I knew you could do…

Tatsu -> Hard kick

But I spent about 5-8 mins trying it and it wouldn’t work. I didn’t know what was going on.

Went chose guile, sagat, viper, worked fine.

El fuerte couldn’t do it for the life of me.

Just curious is it still possible to do it to him in ssf4, or did they take that away from akuma as well.

If it is did they lower the frames or what?

Thanks, sorry if this thread was already made

There’s no need to create a whole new thread for every single question, there are many threads where you can post it and get quick answers there (like the stickied new SSFIV matchup thread) !

Anyway, Fuerte can still be sweeped after tatsu, timing is different compared to Balrog and Sagat, I’ve noticed that I had to do the cr. HK pretty early to sweep him, plinking helps as well.

From what I know it’s somewhat dependent on the hitboxes. I’ve only had this work with a p-linked cr hk fr the earliest possible frame, but also it only worked when the further half of Akuma’s leg (shin to foot) would connect with Fuerte falling, not his thigh or knee.
This meant it never worked with hp xx tatsu xx cr hk because Fuerte would be too close, but it would work with combos like, cr lk, cr lp, cr mp xx lk xx cr hk, as the leadup for that combo into the lk tatsu pushed Fuerte far enough from Akuma for the sweep to hit on the foot.

It’s based more on character weight than hitboxes, it depends how quickly they fall from the tatsu. For example, Balrog is huge, but he’s light (for some unfathomable reason) so it’s easy to do him. Akuma’s pretty standard in size, but he just barely is light enough to do this on, so the window on him is tight. El Fuerte’s also pretty heavy, but barely doable, so you have to sweep as early as possible.

Seems to be alot of unfathomable reasoning behind the hitboxes in this game.

Alright thanks for the inputs guys I kept trying the hard punch, spin, drop kick and couldn’t do it at all. But I’ll give other distances a try plus sure we all know the corner affects the uppercut and dropkick as well.

This game just like making akuma’s execution a little harder to do everything in each department lol