Tasty’s Tasty Beatings! – Milpitas, CA Bi-Weekly

Tasty’s Tasty Beatings!v.1.1! – School’s back… Time to take you back to school?

September 12th, 2010 2:30PM 3:30PMSignups Close. (Times subject to change)

YouTube - Adobomon’s Channel

Tasty’s Tasty Beatings on USTREAM: Just what we do @ Tasty’s.


adobomon on Justin.tv

[Looking to get a Black-Magic & High-Bandwidth setup]

Contact: Cell:(408)775-5929 email: Martinez.Darrel@gmail.com

Location: 173 Lonetree Ct. Milpitas CA 95035 [Lonetree or Lone tree] <–Depends on what you use.

Games ? Super Street Fighter IV

Optional ? Games brought in for play. SSFHDR, MvC2 & Tekken6 & open to ANYTHING

Entry: $5 per. Game $5 to the house/venue. Donations appreciated for amenities. Subject to change with amount of guest.

Format ? Double Elimination Random Bracket
Rules ? Standard rules, 2 of 3 games, Paused game will cause a violation in favor of the other person they may choose to win round or continue. Players cannot change Characters/Ultra on win.

Bring your own Stick!:mad:

Dates will be updated as well as additional info on any upcoming sessions/weekly tournaments.

Looking for some people to help get a half decent steam if possible as well as some ways to get more set-ups here.

Other than that, please come. I do have some people that can vouch for my work & efforts :woot:

I’m looking to change the Date or Time. Please let me know. Confirm with me on which to do.

Looking for Setup Help, Looking to do this one big.

Making some flyers to go around so i’ll link it here in a bit. Post them email them. DO something!

i vouch for his work n Efforts! lol

Bi-Weeklies don’t get stickied.

I’m going to be in Milpitas somewhere in the middle of June. Is it any where near Abel Street (no SF4 pun intended, I actually live near there).

Very interested in this. Please keep us posted regarding details to this.

if the venue is that chinese restaurant next to the pizza box, i’d go

or anywhere reasonably close to the pizza box, really

Venue details I would mark the location very close to Great Mall. I’d only give location on request.

@albert_c what can I do to get this stickied?

If it’s host weekly, I can. If it’s make it a dedicated practice zone with small entry, I can.

Please guide me in making this the best it can be.

i’d be interested in this until the end of june-ish

Interested, too. If you support HDR as well as IV, that would be great. The HDR scene needs more participation but doesn’t have much in terms of venues.

Weeklies/bi-weeklies/etc don’t get stickied.
Basically, “session venues” don’t get stickied.
It would have to be an organized tournament, more likely than not at an outside venue.
Fudds gets stickied, Shadowbrooke gets stickied, Drom’s gets stickied, etc.
Not even Keystone 2 gets stickied.

Just make sure everything goes well enough to have people constantly show support and keep the thread/sessions alive, and that’s about it.

If someone brings a setup for it, I’m positive it’ll get played.

Like Ghostal said if it’s brought it’ll be played. But, I can run 3 setups of HDR no problemo. Just I’d like any additional tournaments to be ran as a separate entity. I wouldn’t mind you using my laptop to run it otherwise if you bring your own junk it’ll be easy peasy!

Update:Looking to get some captures done during the event. Possibly a stream if it’s within my budget. As well as update on some of the info. Address & Cell number will be provided for people to contact for more info. As well as looking for possible side-event & use of our time. Otherwise i’d like to hype this up & get a little roll call on attendees

Ill be there :slight_smile:

Ive been going to tastys tourneys for a while now and I can vouch for it. Should be fun on the 23rd

Can someone bring Shaq Fu?

Haha, bring it & it will be played! Haha one of my tags haha does it bring up my post?

Definitely interested in this. Yes, someone please bring Shaq Fu.

Haha, i’m so down… yet I can’t play the game correctly… sober. Sadly. HAHA!

To the TOP! Let’s get this HYPED!

So this is going down on the 23rd around what time? I just checked my schedule at work and got the day off so I’ll try and make it.

Throwing it down @2 but knowing there is new people i’m saying … open session & then starting @3ish