Tasty Clean Out

Hello Trading outlet! I have for sale.
a couple items. I’ll post it onto one account so no need for multiple clicking.
But, items are open for offers both are used.


Mayflash – $50 or OBO
SE - $40 or OBO
Offer Up!

Just some advice, you need to put up prices or this’ll get closed :tup:

Thanks sirr!!

just, just trying to help out. in the rules it says “05/27/09 Update
When selling, asking the buyer to cover Paypal fees is forbidden by their Terms of Services. Doing this will result in an infraction.”

if you want them to cover the money you waste from paypal, just add it to your base price.

Yes SIR!

Too the TOP!

must drop price when bumping!

Mayflash sold. SE bumpped down to $30. +S&H

where in norcal are you? interested in your SE depending on how close you are to San FranFrisco

If your doing delivery, I’ll gladly buy that SE.

So what would shipping be to 452XX?