Target Combo -> dragon kicks

How do people do this? Everytime I attempt to do it, they always wiff.

I see it done all the time in Japanese match vids, so I want to know what I have to do to get it to work right.

it’s usually the HK version, opponent must be standing (end the combo with MP lunge or LP shoulder if they are crouching) and it doesn’t work on every character (but it does on many of them)

On Dudley, I believe you have to do the upkicks like…a smidge later than you would against shotos/Makoto.

Works on:
Dudley (do it like a smidge later, like duralath says)
Q (you saw this coming, everything works on Q it seems)
Remy (use MK version)
Twelve (are you surprised?)

Fails On:

Notes: Even tho I only got the MK version off on Remy once, it worked.
14/19 aint bad I suppose

Works on standing and crouching Hugo too.

On Q, I’ve heard that if you delay the dp+hk a bit you can walk up and do a crouching mp into lp-dragonkicks, I think it’s really hard and I’ve never done it but I’ve seen some Japanese players do it quite often so I geuss it’s all about getting the timing right.

I saw this in a gvision ranbat somewhere but i couldnt replicate it when i tried it myself so i donno how it’s done.

On Q, the combo is: Lp (delay) Lk (delay) Mp (delay) Lk Dragon, walk a bit, c. Mp xx Lk Dragon it’s very hard at the beggining, but with practice you will get it.

To Spining Beat:

The combo is more like a link than combo: you must delay the Dragon a bit to get the combo. :wink:

Oh I see, so it’s the target combo that must be delayed. I shall try this at once, thanks for the info Kyo.

I see what you mean, I delay it now and I get better results.