Tao feng games reboot and bring back

What if netherrealms studio remake tao feng 2 and reboot Tao feng games .

Any idea of new characters and factions for tao feng 2 that games need to be back and reboot

Here idea of tao feng 2 list

Tao feng classic & new characters.

( Classic Black mantis

Woulong goth , alien type creature .

Vapor , mysterious female exorcist.

Exile , muscular bulky mutant fighter.

Divinity - heavenly goddess.

Geist - female cyborg character.

The Fatalist - ballistic serial killer.

Classic palo lotus

Master Sage - wushu master.

Jade Dragon - female dragon monk.

Fiery Phoenix - fiery male warrior.

Divine Fist - Chinese martial artist.

Iron Monk - cybernetic robot fighter.

Fierce Tiger - female tiger warrior .

New characters & teams to allies to palo lotus & black mantis .

Thunder Demigod based on Lei gong as new master sage .

Air Demigod based on Fei lian .

Tribals clans .


Shogun .

horror .

Task force/Kold war .

Sci fi .


prehistoric creatures .

Elemental .

Actor martial art based on Ryan Reynolds.

Aztec /mayan /inca.