Tandem Engine Strategies: When do you use it?

In which situations do you use tandem engine?

I know:

  • Ex TE to continue the combo after Ex DP
  • TE for some special ground combos
  • Counter vs Blankas Electricity


You can use it two ways, as a gimmick or as the prelude to a punish.

Gimmicky ways are using it as an anti air for people who want to jump in front of you or using it after a block string in case they want to push a button. There are a few setups for meaty tanden, such as backthrow dash twice, lp tanden. You can also use it in resets like cr.fp j.mp st.fp XX tanden. In that last situation, ex tanden will catch ANY reversal that isnt seth’s ex DP or a teleport.

Punishing ways are using it to set up combos that only work after a tanden. Example, Ryu whiffs DP so you jab tanden him, then st.mp st.fp XX rh legs. Another good use in punishes is after a blocked cannon spike from Cammy, jab tanden then st.fp XX whatever.

Tanden used to be a very underused Seth move, but IMO, it’s the one unique move he has, and its gdlk at mindfucking people who don’t know how it works. Also, never say “tandem” lol.

  • screw with opponent’s spacing
  • neutralize footsies
  • pull opponent out of their optimal range
  • occasional anti-air on hilariously bad jumps
  • go through fireballs and deal with zoning characters
  • combos
  • punishes
  • whiff punishing (ehh…)
  • pull opponents out of armored moves
  • pull opponents out of strike invincible, but not throw invincible moves
  • meaty option or a set up…etc. etc.

Tanden has a lot of uses, but you can’t use it too often unless you want to eat a random jump / reaction jump into death


go through all fireballs? or non ex fireballs only?


For instance Abel’s Roll and Bison’s Psycho Crusher are very vulnerable to Tanden Engine.

You can also use Tanden to punish backdashes for huge damage. Use it on characters that usually backdashes on wake up such as Rose or Chun Li. Of course the characteristics of the player plays larger role in this case.

Note that it can be punished in a similar way that you can punish fireballs by jump-ins, so don’t overuse it.

Blockstrings, wakeup to catch backdashes, footsies to grab pokes, basically any time you won’t get punished for doing it.