|Tampa Thread| New guy knows muay thai, real life Sagat, threatens pad master Stan

well this took the longest in Tampa history

[Replying from the old thread]

Anthony I have a new number.


Let me know when ya’ll are getting down again.

I’m pming bluesky with your number right now. :coffee:

I’m not scurred, she’s not into this AzN.
Perhaps my dick is to big for her.

Dammit!! I was gonna put “Tampa Thread: Where the White girls stalk the Asian guys”

I approve this message.

You gotta at least try. be like “allen said you should let me hit first to break you in so he doesn’t rip you.” Tell her you both decided to split her because Asians are good at division. :coffee:

Tally ho wants our cookies baked fresh choco chip and macadamia. :bgrin:

The only cookies Tally can get are pink cookies in a plastic bag getting crushed by a building. :coffee:

uhhh…wtf are you guys talking about…
whats good with some st pete 2d fighter action…and Tekken…
Whos the best in Tampa at Tekken ???


for a more detailed list it goes like this…

TTT= Peter, Raul, Jungou

T4= Me, BPR

T5.0-DR= Me, Ron, Frankie

imma let shintrish now this azn available

Just saw the trailer to the new SF movie. Bison looks like a lawyer thats preparing a restraining order for Allen.


Welcome, Shin Trish.
You last visited: 09-07-2005 at 10:35 PM

Uhhhh…how can you say you guys are the best when you haven’t seen me play yet !!! lol…do you know a dude with dreads named Ronni, He use to be a Tampa Lanes a lot…and at beach game land…by the way…nobody goes to beach game land…they moved it…to John Pass…and its dead…we should make that spot pop again !!!


HE IS RON… AND CAPITAN OF UMALL… and i can take him on a good day.:sweat:

I’m located in NE St Pete. The only thing I play these days is SFHDR and soon SF4. Local players, feel free to add my xbox live gamertag if you want to play sometime.

Championship Combo > UMall…