Tampa lanes tourney for 9/29


1st: mixup msc
2nd: sugarman cable storm or bh/sent/capcom
3rd: jimmy storm/sent/ capcom or cammy
4th: allen mcp msp or mag/cable/capcom

Horrible tourney, sticks were garbage, sorry to all those who drove out and then were pissed off about them:bluu:

Btw, fuck picolo, you don’t know anything about florida:lol:


Chun-li magneto one match to win it/storm(of course}
2nd allen
i’m fuzzy after this…

1stFetz? i’m not sure if thats how you spell his name but he owned us good…he played ganryu/jin/julia and bryan
2nd raul ogre’s mishima’s
3rd mixup lei mishima’s

foggy after those.

Cvs2 i forget too, sorry, all i know is that trent won it and i got 5th
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



Seems like very minimal Interest in CvS2,
All Orlando players.

Soul Calibur 2
Fetz also won 1st place along with Tekken Tag.

Mike I totally agree… next time… Brian and company should learn what has happened at TL today…

If we are going to have tournaments we should at least have a technician avaiable on site…

I feel sorry for those who drove out to play…

Anyway… I got some footage of the CVS2 finals. (last 2 matches actually)

2. Dywane
3. Uh…

Anyway… I gotta whole bunch of interviews and stuff on my card. But my camera work is fairly shady :lol:!

I’ll post it on my imagestation site when I have the time…

The overall tho… the tourney was very nice… everything went smoothly until MVC2 came around and f’ed everything to hell.

Even though I seriously doubt any one here will give two shits, here’s the results for the Soul Calibur 2 Tourney,

1- FetZ with his crazy ass Crumple Stun on every CH Yun Sung
2- Darqfalz with his throw you to hell and back Assholeroth :smiley:
3- Godspu with his hateful bitch Ivy
4- Enkindu with his impossible to block Voldo
T5- Bojack (I think)with his cheap ass Soul Charge Cancelling Raphael.
T5- Coffee Gum (I think too) with his retardedly good assortment of characters.

To any SC players who see this, the tourney was great, good time out there.

An Mixup,it’s about fucken’ time you let some one else win for a change, stop being so selfish and let some ELSE win the prize pot for once :smiley:


hey man, i still had my mvc2 , i just was more interesting in tekken and that killer fetz!

also, guiness, are you that kid i beat in cvs2?


i hope so just for that “all orlando players in the top 3” comment you made:lol:

CvS2 characters used… for those interested.

1st Tr3nt:
A groove- Hibiki, Nakoruru, Cammy

2nd Enk!ndu:
C groove- Balrog, Chunli, Vega, Blanka

3rd Sho Gokie:
C groove- Guile, Vega, Blanka, Sagat

4th Mixup:
P-groove- Cammy, Vega, Sagat, Chun Li

hey man, nobody else posted so i figured i’d post what i knew:bluu:

Ahh, u suck:mad:

I wanna applogize for the 4 things that went wrong during the toureny today.
(2 bad buttons and 2 “sometimes sticks” joysticks)
I told edar and adam i was truly sorry. cause i am.
I didnt MEAN for n e of that shit to happen.
The way edar was talking to me he made it sound like i didnt give a shit.
That was so far from the truth.
I wanted NOTHING else but for that tourney to go smoothly.
Im sorry to disapoint the peeps that drove down JUST for MVC2.
But honestly, what the fuck was i supposed to do?
The fact is that the game tech doesnt work on sundays.
I had to beg the guy just to stop in for 5 minutes that morning.
I mean come on, do u think a 40 year old guy wants to spend his day off watchin some kids playing videogames all day.
All i could do is leave a note telling him what to fix.
That is ALL i could do.
So if n e body else wants to get in my face again, i seriously suggest u think about it before u do.
and on a POSITIVE note…mike :bluu:
all the other tourneys were great!
Everybody else i talked to personally said they had a great time.
Im glad cause so did I. :smiley:

Just please please get a set of key’s so you can re-attach a wire the next time an assist button goes out.


I had a good time, i just felt crappy about the games, i coulda played much harder…

Shaddup… gimme more Dr Thunder :lol:

ok i’ll try my best but most of the winners took thier bracket sheets before i could jot down the results.
o well, here goes nothing…

1st Mike
2nd Adam
3rd Jimmy
4th Allen
5th ?

1st ME! :smiley:
2nd Allen
3rd James (No Talent Hack)
4th Earl
5th Willy

1st Spencer
2nd Raul
3rd Mike
4th Edar
5th Chris

1st Trent
2nd Dwayne
3rd Gavin
4th Mike
5th Frankie

1st Spencer
2nd Chris
3rd Nick
4th Dwayne
5th Bojack

I’m about 90% sure those are all right. :smiley:


Sorry i got mad and ungrateful:o

raul best man!!!

All in all, this was a fun tournament… for me anyways. Not too sure what happened with MvC2… everything seemed to be going smoothely before hand. Other then that… good job Brian.

And glad you could make it down with the G-ville crew Mummy-B, fun meetin ya. Hope to see you in another tournament… try to get used to our dirty american sticks. :stuck_out_tongue:

much love man, much love.
yeah, im sorry for blowin’ up like that back there.
i just wanted this thing to go off without a hitch.
sorry guys.

I had fun, just sucked that by the time the tournament started, there was only one playable machine.

I don’t know if I was tied for 5th place or not but I really shouldn’t have been the way I was playing. I was, in fact, trying NOT to play my best characters the safest way possible…just trying to have a good time. And like always, I played my best games before and after the tourney was over. Hehehe, I guess I need to work on my tourney play. So be it. I’m sure I’ll be prepared for regionals.

Oddly enough I was in the semi-finals in both winners and losers’ brackets. Regardless, good games to all. I need to play more people of this caliber (no pun intended).

There wasn’t even one machine that was playable…:bluu: honestly…