Taking up team avs AND some(SPRITES ONLY, JEWS!)

Like my ace TMT, only sprites allowed here. Unlike him, I’m also taking up some team avs.(Wish me luck here, people )

oh yeah. No Storm, Magneto, or any of the 4 biggest characters of MvC2. Besides being tired of looking at them, I’m tired of doing them.

Night Walker SL - FlashMetriod: Rolento/Chun Li/Cammy: Blue/White



batsu non-animated



Seerd V1


Osmium V1


Vinny Vegas V1







Do the sprite before you start requests!

(im almost done)

ill take one of K9999 SE :smiley:

But I’m not a Jew… :frowning:

But your location says you’re from Jerusalem.:confused: ::rushes to get an admin to change it for me::

You’re going to leave me in the cold, Draig? :frowning: EVILLLLLL!! :mad:

eh. Lets see, nero. :o

Ok…I usally don’t do this…but my internet is being soooooo ghey…so…drop me some k9999 sprites. …or somebody else. :stuck_out_tongue:

eh well gamegen is down again and i dont have any sprites on my new compy…sooo hows about just plain ol’ K?

Eh. I like him better, any ways. :cool: Lets see if I still have a feg good sprites left of him…

Is the racism really necessary?

no i think he means he will only do avs with either a prite or a jew in, but not both…:smiley:

he’s kidding…

No I’m not.


I’ll get to work soon, nero. I started back AGAIN on the stupid sprite.:fury:

Did you need a K’ or K9999 sprite? I’ve got a few, if you need them.

Make me one!!! Wow I haven’t ben here in ages. runs back to tagmonkey

omg!! How did YOU get out!?:wtf: Call ATF! Someone send him back to the chopping blocks!:wasted:
Eh. Since you didn’t say who and I need an excuse, I’m using Maylee.:o

Cool, infini. I already got the K’ sprite, but I would like some more of those two. My internet is REALLLLLLLLY screwing up images, so I can’t save them. I already defragmented about 7 times this week.

Ok. Just updated the list. nero and batsu’s will be posted tommorow.

You can just send 'em through AIM, infini.:smiley:

I have one fuck of a request here.

I was wondering if you could take my 3 custom sprites (I’ll PM or IM them to you), set them up in my specified order (also PM/IM’d), give me a black background with some sort of animated green design, then have my name typed out in a green, digital style font in the corner.

Just wanted to know if you would take on a big team av request.

Just uh…what team would that be?:sweat:

Strider/IM/Doom. But I made the sprites Black/Green. I PM’d them to you.

It’s a bit much, so if you don’t wanna do it, then no problem.

Thanks either way.

Ok. Nero’s and Batsu’s are done. You know the biz, …first page.

Updating the list, also.