Taking sides into account, how many of you do it?

I remember that, 15+ years ago (lord, am I that old?) I used to be more comfortable playing on the left side of the screen with characters that have a shoryuken motion.

After abandonning the arcade and playing on pads for many years I ended up getting a couple of decent sticks in the last couple of years and for some reason, I now pull DPs off quicker and easier on the right side and struggle on the left side.


Anyways, this leads me to wonder how many people have a favorite side and how many play the same on both.

In my gameplay, I sometimes try to pull off maneuvers designed to get me on my favorite side, but I have never bothered figuring out my opponent’s “bad side” to try and exploit it (with jump ins, overheads and so forth).

It might be naive for me to ask but do you take this into account or does nobody care?

If I’m better at one motion on side A, there will be an equal drop in my execution for some other various joystick motion. It used to be enough to matter, but now it’s negligent. I used to prefer 2p side on third strike because dragon punches were easier for me. Enough practice on a jap stick though and a DP is now just a wrist flick.

Execution is something that you can thankfully practice alone, so you’ll find good players don’t really tend to have a weak side. I still drop stuff in matches, but that’s just because my execution still needs work.

I used to be stronger on the left going right, so I just spent awhile in training doing everything both ways until it just came naturally.

If you have execution issues on one side, then you’re going to be in serious trouble when you start fighting anyone good.

I have trouble doing certain things going right to left. Gotta work on that…

back in the sf (91/92) days it was the left side for my dp’s. in 93 it was still the left side but getting right too. then i bought my neo in 94 and got SSII (and kof94), being able to do tenhafuujinzans from either side in combos from a crouching medium slash improved my skillz beyond what i thought was possible. but then again, the neo sticks and especially the pads are far beyond anything ive ever played on. fuck any pad before and after it, if you want 100% accuracy but a pretty damn short lifespan get yourself a neo cd pad. the best pad ever, by far. if only the dpad didn’t get fucked so easily.

its actually favorable for my character to play on the 2p side in melty, due to a corner crossup bug.

I can’t execute hcb f+P’s on the right side well, and qcf hcb+P motions super fast on the left side. The hcb f+P thing affects my Daimon in 98 a lot as he can’t run up and hcb f+P grab from the right so I have to replace that with hcbx2+P(which oddly enough, I can execute easier on the left than the right).

I used to have trouble doing stuff on the right side. But that problem just kinda went away, IDK why.