Taking one request

im finally back…and ill take a request.

now i see why nobody requested from me a lil while ago…CAUSE I SUCKED!!

but anyways…ill take one request:p

Can I get something graff related, fancy and subtle?


what do u mean…make u something that is like mine?


ill take another request

hmm looks like youv’e gotten better there bud…good stuff,did you do that one you have on now?



I like it Josh, Nice work on the Rugal. I just got a new av from Tonbarry or I’d check ya out.

If you want to make one for practice I’ll request it anyway.

BTW, Next time you’re over I’ll have to own you up in CvS2 then get re-owned in MvC2. I still gotta bust out my DC and play that.

Anyway nice work man.

haha looks like you two know eachother huh,good friends…thats cool,anyways so you done that av tetsuaka huh,good stuff bud,keep it up looks good,i like the tech stuff nifty.


haha…ya u will own me…but i have gotten alot better on the stick with balrog and blanka:p

thanx also…ill make u an akuma av:p

i meant graffiti related, go crazy!

here it is DanD -


i hope u like it:p

well i dont think i can help u out on that dude…sorry:(

sweet job man. I really like the Glowing tech line thingy. and the way Akuma glows is sweet as well. Thanx man.

thanx man…i talked to u at school today and u asked if i could get akuma infront of the lines…i thought that i could but ill have to remake the whole av…but if u want it that badly then ill do it…otherwise i guess u can just take that one:p

Are you “satto” from snk-cacpcom.com?

why…if u post at snk…then who are u