Taking apart PS3

has anyone done it? i’ve seen a few videos and i think i might do this. i’ve got a real good feeling theres a bunch of dust and dog hair (i own a husky as a house dog) most likely in there cuz i kept my console on the ground for a long time.

i just want to clean my shit out because its starting to sound like the system is getting lazy. it freezes a couple times every week. jsut wanna make sure i dont do anything wrong cuz i dont got the loot to buy another one of these fuckers

You got a newer 40GB? You can run the fan test to force some of that shit out of there:


yea i did that not too long ago but my console still sounds “lazy” when i first boot it up. is that normal? i never really paid attention to it before, or maybe cuz it really is lazy now and wasnt before

Yeah. It sorta scared me at first, but the reason it sounds “lazy” is because the fan possibly doesn’t have to work at the same capacity as before to achieve the same airflow.

I am sure mine has alot of dust in it , but everytime I try to do some thing simply I break it , mess it up , etc , so I’m not gonna risk my PS3.


Link to guide to taking it apart, I’m PRETTY sure opening up your PS3 voids your warranty so uh…do be careful with it. I’d personally just take a can of compressed air and blow it out really well.

and also the PS3 fan test can DAMAGE your PS3 according to this video:

wait, about the fan test. i don’t get it. if you watch the video he talks about holding it upside down and covering the air vent.

why would you even need to hold it upside down and cover the air vent?