taking a few requests

hello all, im takin a few(under 10) requests to see if i got wat it takes to make av’s for all of u users out there… if u dont like be honest and give advices/tips on how to make it better… thanks for ur understanding…

sum works of mine:




hey man nice av’s keep it up,im still working on av’s to.:smiley:

thanks, u make pretty good av’s too

hey thanks for the comment,but i still have much to improve…keep up the good work man.:smiley:

can you make an avatar featuring zappa and vice? im in no hurry

zappa and vice? anythin u want in it in particular? ill try to be done wit it in about 1wk…

bardin heres ur av, hope u like it, if not, and u would like sum changes, jes tell me

edit: btw, sry if vice kinda sticks out on the av, couldnt think of a way to put her in there so i jes stuck her at the side… but yeh, if u dont like, tell me wat i can do to make it better… thank u come agen… anymore requests?

hi man.

could u make me an av? i NEVER had one b4.:frowning:
how about one with:

guile in the background with an animation?

animation would be nice, but not necessary for me!
…SURPRISE ME! :slight_smile:

p.s. I don’t know ANYTHING about av’s. :frowning:
i’ve attached some nice pics of guile. :slight_smile:

here’s another fav’ pic of mine…for reference.

hermmm… ill see wat i can do, i may or may not finish it during this week or next week due to skool, but ill try my best… i hav a guile av already done, but, its been used by my frend, and its that magic guile up there /, do u want sumthin like dat?

uhm, i personally don’t like the A3 Guile sprite…:slight_smile:
I’d rather have a ST sprite (Gamegen has a couple…I think…)
But…surprise me! :cool:
Guile (facing from the player 1 side) would be nice, too.

(i hope it’s not too much to ask!) :o
uhm, could you have at least one of the pics I attached from ^ in the background? With “KINGDOM” stuck in the upper-left or lower-right of the av’?

I never had a real av’, so I’m not too picky on what I end up with. I’ll just be happy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I love what you did in that Sentinel avatar…:cool:

Dude! this avatar rules thanx alot!:smiley:

sure… np, yeh i love the sent av also, but its 53kb:bluu:


pickup time kingdom, hope u like it, tell me wat u think… if u dont like, tell me wat i can do to change it:

Hi, can u make me one like my current avatar but with fire in the background (sf2x revival character selcet screen background) with blue thick lightning in the back so it look more appealing and try and add evil ken. It might be hard work but looking at you’r previous avatar’s you can pull it off.

That’s AWESOME! :smiley:

I like the fact that you use the SF2 version of the sprite. cool deal.

Thanks very much. :slight_smile:
MUCHO appreciated!:cool:

uhm…only thing i’d actually change is the way the background pic is faced. could you reverse the pic, so that Guile is looking towards the right side?

like: eyes facing ====>

(like a player 1 side)

hmmm, i dunno wat sf2x char select screen looks like, i may be able to pull off the blue lightning, but the evil ken may be a lil hard to com by as i havent seen much evil ken sprites…

btw, by evil ken are u refering to svc’s violent ken?

edit: np kingdom, im glad u like it… too lazy to make another post and wait for the 240sec limit so i jes say it now

if you can, just reverse the image in the background, and it’d be PERFECT! :D:cool: :smiley:

EDIT Maybe not, since the image would be too close to the animated sprite…how about the sprite be on the LEFT side? with my SN on the RIGHT? image REVERSED?

then PERFECTO! :smiley:

p.s. I’ll use this av’ for the time being, because it’s STILL TOO COOL!
p.p.s. I hope I’m not inconveniencing you with my suggestions.:confused:

p.p.p.s. I REALLY like how you synched the SN and sprite - nice touch in the timing…:cool:
p.p.p.p.s. You are TOO COOL! :slight_smile:

grr fine watever u say!!!.. jes playin, yeh no problem, i jes hav to flip over the image and thats it… umm ill do it later, after i finish teh next request i hav… for the meantime, jes use that…

btw… da SN and sprite sync was easy, the sprite was 8frames, and ur name was 7 letters, so each frame had a letter poppin up, then on the 8th frame, i had ur whole name laid out