Tag-Teaming via PSN/XBL

In this thread, we post our gamertags (or whatever you call them on PSN) and the character we want as a partner, it would be useful to post your rank, BP, and main characters. If you see anyone you could help out, quote their post and form a tag team!

Take Ranked Matches by storm!
Mess about in Scramble Battle!
Do whatever you want in an Endless Battle!

GT: TheShoopd
Rank: D+
BP (as of now): 0BP (my internet messed up and d/c’d me from about 3 different games, at that point i just gave up on online)
Looking for: Kazuya, King, Law, Hugo, or Zangief.
Main Characters: See Signature.

Ranked Matches
GT: TyLeNoL v3 / PSN: CLuTCH_xX
Rank: D+/C
BP dont remember for 360/1162BP(PSN)
Looking for: anyone as long as you know what you’re doing
Main Characters:Rufus,Ryu and Balrog