Tag in counter glitch?

I noticed the occasional time i counter someones random DP->Tag cancel (cant remember if i used the kk or pp version each time i do it) it instantly grabs the person running in. Anyone think this could have some usefull applications? just figured id ask if anyone else noticed this happend too

With any counter, if you counter an attack that is being tag canceled, you get the tag in character. No way to force it, just counter a move as you would have and if they tagged it, free damage on the incoming character. Less free damage than if it had been an unsafe tag though…

If a character is really low on health and you know he’s going to do a tag cancelled DP to save himself, doing King’s armored shoulder tackle actually hits the character doing the reversal instead of the one coming in. I’ve won quite a few games this way with the opponent erroneously thinking he can safely tag into his nearly full health teammate.