Tablet Tips/Tutorials Requested

Hi guys,
I just got a wacom tablet today and i cant wait to start using it. I was wondering if anyone knew any good tablet tips or tutorials to help me start coloring and doing some shading. I’ve been experimenting and can only seem to get solid lines. Tutorials for photoshop help would be good.


man, i’m not sure where you could look. I gave my tablet away, but I remember it taking me a bit to get used to drawing on it while looking at the monitor. I still want a damn cintiq but that won’t happen anytime soon :confused: keep at it and throw some stuff up when you get to working with it. The shading I think comes from your brushes and opacity settings. Although your wacom should support pressure sensitivity. Look into that it may help.

I don’t know what came with yours but a CD came with my Intuos3 4x6. It had some new Wacom brushes for photoshop. I never really use them but they were a good place to start for me. And do what seantree said, play with the brush settings by assigning different properties like width and opacity to pen pressure and tilt.

got a wacom graphire and i use it mostly with flash and photoshop. it’s pressure sensitive so you can make your lines go from thinner to thicker or vis a versa. it’s really awkward at first but after about 30-40 hours of use you’ll be drawing just as naturally on computer as you would on paper.

anyone know if staples carries the tablets in store? I saw them on the website and tried to call my local one but of course the fools don’t answer the phone. I’d like to grab a new tablet tomorrow seeing as I have some money atm. Be nice to work on my 2D shit for once.

You could try Comp USA… considering certain stores around the us are going out of business. I bought mine there before the going out of business thing hit.

So Try your luck there , otherwise best buy has them.

there’s a bit of learning curve when using a tablet for the first time, but once you get over the bump it’s really nice :slight_smile:

btw how do you get your lines to taper when you draw? Is it under “pen pressure” settings? because it doesn’t do anything much for me.

i think it depends on the brush you use if you’re talking about photoshop. in flash it will always do it which is annoying. you can also check the options for the pen under your control panel

If your using photoshop , I would check under the brush settings.

Considering I have a variety of brushes set up just for my personal use.

In photoshop, everything you guys are asking about is controlled in the Brushes Panel.


**-shijui- **
-Highlight “Other Dynamics” in the Brushes panel.
-I recommend setting the Opacity Jitter Slider to 0% to start out.
-Under the Control drop down for Opacity Jitter select Pen Pressure.

-Highlight “Shape Dynamics” in the Brushes panel.
-Under the Control drop down for Size Jitter select Pen Pressure.
-The lower you set the Size Jitter slider, the thinner the lineweight gets at low pressure.

thanks everyone! :smiley: