T9 results

whoever has the team brackets post the results plz

Team tourney results (first day)

XvSF (please confirm)
1st: Best Coast Shiro420/Lmx
2nd: Team Puto Joker/Aznretro
3rd: Team Empire Justin wong/Jiggabry (aka i didn’t do anything)
4th: Team Keyboard Sid/Dragoon Engineer
5th: Team Beastern Conference Contra/CB


1st: FlashMetroid (KE), Marn (YU), JustinW (CH)
1st: Patrick (OR), RX50Cent (UR), Antoine (DU)
(split pot?)
3rd: Dice01 (DU), King (CH), Samir (YU)


T5: DR

1st: Team OMGStorm (Lawrence, Mahir)
2nd: Team (Trevor, Shyft)
3rd: Team (Jin11, Nima)


1st: Team Empire
2nd: Team JS (JS, Roger, Matt)
3rd: Team Sauga (Teddy, Gerjay, Jiggabry)
4th: Team Smokey (Smokey, Joker, Poeta)
5th: Team Lawrence (Lawrence, Dee, Mihan)
5th: Team Masters Don’t Matter (Green, Ryan, g3nn)
7th: Team Ottawa (AznRetro, Contra, CB)
7th: Team Bernard (djnocturnal, random chinese guy(s)?)

1 - Team Empire (Marn, FlashMetroid, JustinW)
2 - Team Pad Scrubs (K2, Yucorp, ZeroFalcon)
3 - Team AFG (Justin, Jabir, Sapphire)
4 - Team CC (Clarity&Confucious, ForestBlazer, JohnnyStephen)
5 - Team Buffalo (Kevin, Nunie, Jug)
5 - Team Darkness (DarkDragon, Dice01, JS Master)
7 - Team I’mWinningT9 (Dawnbringer, Evil, Sleepy)

Smash Brawl Doubles Results
1: Team AznSensation (J.L + Ambrose)
2: Team Sexual Abuse (MDK + KingAce)
3: Team “Kill yo self, foo” (Minus + 3rix)
4: Team Jack in a Box (Jack + Boxer) - Ed: God damn this is a homo team name
5: Team Bug Spray (~Bug + iMeehow)
5: Team JV (???)
7: Team Douchebags (???)
7: Team Anti-Rae (LoneWolf + ZEX)
9: Team Boob-bots (Switchblade + koka)
9: Team Bankai (???)
9: Team Ownster Coaster (Gi + Dud)
9: Team Melonforce (???)
13: Team Laser-Bacon (???)
13: Team Lightning (???)

Will complete soon

lol, i was wondering how u got result already, when i was opening the thread

Singles results:


  1. Justin Wong (undefeated)
  2. Branton (lost to roger at winner semi, then to justin wong at grand final)
  3. Roger/Ratio1beatdown (lost Justin Wong at winner finals and lost to Branton at loser final)
  4. VDO ( lost to Justin Wong at winner semi, then to Branton )
  5. FlashM ( lose to branton and then vdo)
  6. Green ( lose to FlashM then lose to branton)
  7. Spiral Guy ( lose to someone then to howard)
  8. JS Master ( lose to someone then to flash)

MvC2 low tier

  1. Justin Wong (undefeated)
  2. VDO (lost to Justin Wong and Lawrence)
  3. Lawrence (lost to Justin Wong, made it to loser’s finals but got disqualified cause he had to play in Tekken finals)

1st - Joker
2nd - MiddleKingpin
3rd - Justin Wong
4th - LiquidMetalX
5th - Contra
5th - 1hitcombo
7th - Dragoon
7th - Aznretro
9th - Martin
9th - OMGStorm
9th - Shiro_420
9th - Hung
13th - CB
13th - Bry
13th - JR
13th - Gwai Lo 1/2

The names are probably off because I can’t read the writing

1st - Justin Wong
1st - Chirithy
3rd - AneurysmX
4th - JS Master
5th - Freddyloco
5th - Akuma Mark
7th - AdamB
7th - Eric
9th - ImperialSport
9th - DarkDragon
9th - CB
9th - Carson
13th - MythicExile
13th - Spook
13th - Jabir
13th - RPGv2
17th - Alucard
17th - Karamba
17th - Jreinert
17th - PNP
17th - YellowS4
17th - Than
17th - IED
17th - Kibbe
25th - Branten
25th - Dice01
25th - AznRetro
25th - Bernard
25th - 1hitcombo
25th - Shiro_420
25th - JED07
25th - Bye
25th - Bye
33rd - Pereira
33rd - Ryan
33rd - WB!
33rd - Ranaku
33rd - OneandOnly
33rd - King
33rd - Al
33rd - Yang
33rd - ??? (can’t read the writing)
33rd - ??? (can’t read the writing)
33rd - ??? (can’t read the writing)

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (30 Entrants)
1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Freddyloco
3rd - Flash Metroid
4th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - Jreinert
5th - Ranaku
7th - Poke Guy
7th - VDO
9th - Karamba
9th - 1hitcombo
9th - T.K.K.
9th - JS Master
13th - MythicExile
13th - Thumbs Up
13th - Nagata Lock II
13th - Gwai Lo 1/2
17th - Arcade Legend
17th - Alucard
17th - PLA Soldier
17th - Red Devil Ninja
17th - Angel Of Rage
17th - Lycan
17th - Tunghin
17th - RPGv2
25th - JED07
25th - Psychochronic
25th - Fobstar
25th - CB
25th - PTS One (Paid - Double DQ)
25th - Marn (Paid - forfeit)


1st Johnson
2nd Mista_tee
3rd Neorussell
4th BoringRyu
Tie for 6th Psychochronic and Llanfair
Tie for 8th Contra and Lennie
Tie for 12th Shiro, Shyft, Pereira and Shifty Nevers

T5: DR

  1. trevor
  2. lawrence (omg storm)
  3. yucorp
  4. justin wong
  5. jin11/neorussell


  1. Justin Wong (O-Sagat, Ryu) <–undefeated

  2. WB! (Chun-Li) <–loses to Psychochronic, Justin Wong

  3. Psychochronic (Chun-Li) <–loses to Justin Wong, WB!

  4. Ratio1BeatDown (Guile, Dhalsim) <–loses to Psychochronic, WB!

  5. Thumbs Up (Boxer, O-Sagat) <–loses to Justin Wong, Ratio1BeatDown

  6. RPGv2 (Dee Jay) <–loses to Justin Wong, WB!

  7. Shiro420 (Dee Jay, Chun-Li) <–loses to Ratio1BeatDown, RPGv2

  8. Jed07 (Guile, Dictator, Claw) <–loses to WB!, Ratio1BeatDown

  9. Nagata Lock II (Claw) <–loses to Thumbs Up, Shiro420

  10. FreddyL0c0 (T. Hawk, Dictator, Ryu) <–loses to Jed07, RPGv2

  11. Contra (Blanka, Zangief) <–loses to RPGv2, Jed07

  12. Familyman (E. Honda) <–loses to Thumbs Up, Ratio1BeatDown

  13. Pereira (Dictator) <–loses to Psychochronic, Shiro420

  14. PLA Soldier (Ryu) <–loses to WB!, FreddyL0c0

  15. Smokey (O-Sagat) <–loses to Justin Wong, Contra

  16. Rising Player (Ryu) <–loses to Nagata Lock II, Familyman

  17. Fobhunter (Ryu) <–loses to Smokey, Pereira

  18. Yasanagi (Claw, Dictator) <–loses to Pereira, Smokey

  19. BoringRyu (Ryu, O-Sagat) <–loses to Thumbs Up, PLA Soldier

3rd Strike (41 entrants)

1st - Justin Wong
2nd - ChiRithy
3rd - AneurysmX
4th - JS Master
5th - Akuma Mark
5th - Freddyloco
7th - Eric Hai
7th - AdamB

Capcom vs SNK 2 (30 entrants)

1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Freddyloco
3rd - Flash Metroid
4th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - Ranaku
5th - JS Master
7th - Poke Guy
7th - Jreinert


1st - KAAI
2nd - baod
3rd - Justin Wong


  1. JustinW (undefeated)
  2. Marn (loses to Bill307 1-2)
  3. Bill307 (forefeits to JustinW due to lack of time; loses to Marn 1-2)
  4. Sleepy (loses to JustinW 0-2; loses to Marn 0-2)
  5. Dawnbringer (loses to Marn 0-2; loses to Sleepy 1-2)
  6. X-Sapphire (loses to Sleepy 1-2; loses to Marn 0-2)
  7. K2 (loses to Bill307 0-2; loses to Dawnbringer 0-2)
  8. MetaF4 (loses to Dawnbringer 0-2; loses to X-Sapphire 0-2)

Guilty Gear Singles - 18 players
1 - FlashMetroid (JA)
2 - Marn (ED)
3 - JustinW (PO)
4 - Yucorp (KY)
5 - Jabir (ED)
5 - DarkDragon (BA, JA)
7 - K2 (MA)
7 - MDK (TE)
9 - Dice (FA)
9 - Sapphire (OS)
9 - Dawnbringer (AN)
9 - ZeroFalcon (AN)
13 - Barry (CH)
13 - Kellfire (KY)
13 - Andre (KY)
13 - Yamapi (CH)
17 - Andy (FA)
17 - SBlade (??)

Smash Brawl Singles Results
1: Ambrose
2: JL
3: MDK
4: KingAce
5: Danny <- Buddah
5: Minus
7: Boxer
7: Fatal
9: Anth0ny
9: wtBug
9: Jack
9: !3rix
13: Gi
13: Ulveo
13: RaynEX
13: J
17: NGEN
17: Mr. X
17: Z striker
17: wtSpray
17: Idea
17: Yuki
17: Super Bankai
17: Vince
25: Insid
25: Myth
25: Ti
25: UGHH Monster
25: Tripp
25: Ryu
25: A Bomb
25: Joel

Smash Melee Singles Results
1: RaynEX
2: ?522
3: KirbyKaze
4: I.B
5: Mike
5: Sanuzi
7: D.B
7: Stos
9: Ownd
9: Lone Wolf
9: Switchblade
9: Idea
13: Anthony
13: Alex
13: Engo
13: Nick

Wtf the formatting got screwed up… I’ll clean it up when i get home

i had work
i be there tomo

"4th: Team CC (Raphael, ForestBlazer, Stephen/asian) "

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, nazir just decides team names for people lol good one though :slight_smile:

:mad: o man it was a long day… time to sleep

more more!

I’m so impatient.

this is all i know

3s: justin wong’s team won (someone named lauren came in 2nd or 3rd, i am not to sure, i heard someone say that he is killing ppl)

marvel : justin wong’s team won

x-men: justin wong’s team came in 3rd (shiro and parerick were playing each other when i left in GF i think (parerick winning WF and shiro winning LF)

GG: i think marn’s team won

CVS2: i dont know, other than that justin was still in it when i left at 11:00pm lol

Melty blood singles : Sorry if i mess up ur name

1st KAAI
2nd: Baod
3rd J wong

I heard that no one really recorded any marvel matches, i can’t believe that yo

for singles tourney, it would be nice if ppl recorded the marvel hypness

some really cool person recorded all of the 3s, (least the last like 3 hours that i was there anyways)

respect to howard for giving me some batteries

shout outs to all the ppl i played marvel casuals with and all the random ppl whom i was watching matches with while making comments

big-ups to dark dragon for running such a sexy tournament

GOOD GAMES to everyone. Tourney was a blast. Havn’t had that much fun in a while.
Please forgive my rust and scrubby playing.

Till next year!

PS: Thanks for spelling my name right! :china:
PSPS: Sorry if this is in the wrong thread?!:confused:

I won’t be able to attend for Sunday. Some personal stuff that I have to attend to came up and will require my time for Sunday. Apologies in advance to DarkDragon for not being able to lend my console for the day and to Chronic for having to drop out of the ST tourney.

EDIT: After clarifying the details with my folks, I found out that I can take care of some of these personal issues at a later date so I will be able to come in but it’ll be quite late.

can anyone post an update? thanks in advance…

i think bill307 or something was the one with the tripod recording 3s. i wanted to do alot of recording today but then i saw he had a tripod so i didnt bother.

Actually, the top 3 for 3s went like this:

Winners Final: Patrick (Oro) + RX50Cent?? (UR) + Antoine (DU) defeated ?? (KE) + Marn (YU) + JustinW (CH) 2-0

Losers Final: ?? (KE) + Marn (YU) + JustinW (CH) defeated Dice (DU) + King (CH) + Samir (YU) 2-1

Grand Final: not played. The two remaining teams split the money.

(My apologies to the question mark people.)

By the way, Chi-Rithy’s team knocked Samir’s team into losers, but was later eliminated by Samir’s team. (All captured on camera.) Get hype for that money match!

I recorded all the matches above and then some (thanks digital stimulus). I’ll upload them to Youtube later. Hopefully someone else will be around to record semis and finals on Sunday, since AH is supposed to run at the same time as 3s and I’m going to be recording AH first. (But if the AH tourney + MMs finish first, then I can switch to recording 3s.) Not to mention I’d have to leave before the 3s finals if it ran past 10:30.

I also recorded part of that $50 FT10 money match in MvC1 (from game 5 onwards).

nice being out there again and gg’s to the marvel croud.

but the entertainment from the race to 10 MvC1 was icing on the cake for me L0L. good sh-t !!

Which player(s) beat Justin in 3S WF?

Thanks for recording the matches Bill.

That was me, actually.

its actually baod not baufo, not that melty matters.

I wanna see th 3S Samir vs Justin mm rematch…bet that shit!!!.

Ah, too bad I can’t be here. Hope to see hype vids.